Windows 10 Endless Running Game: Graffiti Grinder

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Graffiti Grinder is a free endless running game for Windows 10. In the game you play as the graffiti artist hell bent upon painting the street with his awesome (or not!) graffiti. The game has incredibly fun gameplay elements like a cop chase, coin collection, ability to jump, dive, glide etc., and you also get the options to purchase power ups via the game shop. Overall the game is nifty and is incredibly fun to play on any Windows 10 device.

The game is available freely from the Windows App Store. 

The breakdown

I spent a considerable amount of time playing the game, and basically found myself addicted to it. Well, if that doesn’t say much about the game in itself, here is a quick breakdown of the game for you to decide if the game really is for you.

  • Graphics: The game has gorgeous graphics. From the crispiness in the detail to the smoothness of game, the gameplay is blissful.
  • Sound scheme: This one might get a bit annoying after a while, as it’s basically a short sample of sound played on constant loop – this is easily workable by muting your app volume and maybe playing some music of your choice in the background.
  • Game size: The game is featherweight. Set your worries free while downloading this as it weighs in at a meager 20MB (approx.)
  • Feel good factor: I would say, 9 on 10. This is how you would feel after playing this game for a short duration – fresh and rejuvenated.

Is the game for you?

The game is pretty damn awesome. I would say that the sound scheme is the part which needs to improve, but apart from that everything seems to work just fine. If you are like me and would definitely enjoy some fast paced skating platform jumping endless craziness which sets you free, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I would say 10/10 from that perspective. But if you’d rather take things a bit slow, and enjoy some slow paced games instead, I’d reckon you try out Mirror Mysteries or Demon Hunter instead.

The control pod

The game is perfectly workable on literally all sorts of Windows 10 devices – whether touch screen or not. On non touch devices, basic clicks and click and drag, click and hold gestures ensue all around. On a touch device however, you use your finger tap as a substitute for mouse click.

Supported systems

OS: Windows 10

Architecture: x86, x64, ARM

Graphics card recommended, but onboard graphics will work just fine.

Main features of Graffiti Grinder

Launching the game will bring up the following heads up display.graffiti grinder main screen
Go ahead and click on the skater boy’s head to initiate the madness. When that’s done, the game starts. If it’s your first time playing the game, helpful controls up all over the place.graffiti grinder controls prompt gameplayThis however, ceases to occur once you are past your first game. As you can see, wherever prompted to tap, just left click as the substitute for tapping. On screen buttons work well for interacting with the game.graffiti grinder game over

Once your game ends, you see the above interface where your score is visible. You can enter your name in this interface. From the main menu, you can access the game’s shop too.graffiti grinder shopThe shop allows you to purchase all sorts of powerups to boost your gaming performance.

Well, that pretty much sums up the features of this game. If you liked what you read about this game, go ahead and click on the link below…or don’t, it’s your choice after all.

Get Graffiti Grinder.

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Works With: Windows 10
Free/Paid: Free

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