AirConsole: Play Free Online Games on PC with Phone as Controller

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AirConsole is a free web-based gaming console that works quite similar to the standard video gaming console. It lets you play dozens of single player & multiplayer games in your browser, in categories like party games, card games, racing games, classic arcade, etc. But, the best part is that you don’t need any hardware like Xbox & PlayStation to play games. All you need is a laptop or PC, a smartphone, and the Internet connection. While playing games, Airconsole will work as a console (screen) whereas your smartphone will be the controller or gamepad. Sounds interesting, isn’t it.

When you connect your smartphone with AirConsole, it simply turns it into a gamepad which you can use to control the gaming actions. You can connect multiple smartphones (Android or iPhone) to play multiplayer games on a common screen.

gaming console

How to Play Games Online using AirConsole and your Smartphone:

Step 1: Visit the homepage of AirConsole on you PC or laptop, and you will see a big round “Start” button at the center of the screen. Simply press the button to start AirConsole.

main page

Step 2: As soon as you start the AirConsole, an access code will automatically generate to connect your smartphones. In your phone, simply go to the homepage of AirConsole and enter the access code to connect. Remember, you can connect as many smartphones as you want with the same code to play games on a common screen.

access code

Step 3: After that, your smartphone will turn into a gamepad using which you can control the AirConsole screen on your PC or laptop. That means you can use your smartphone to browse games, select games, and play games.


Step 4: In your browser, all the available games will appear listed in various categories. Simply use your connected smartphone to navigate through the games. When you want to play a game, simply navigate to the game using the arrows and tap the “Select” button on your phone.

navigate using phone

Step 5: When you’re done with selecting a game, the game will start on your browser as shown in the first screenshot. Your smartphone will become the gamepad with all the necessary buttons and options for that particular game. That means the gamepad changes automatically as required for different game types.

game controller

Step 6: Explore all the single player and multiplayer games offered by AirConsole and play them without any hassle in your browser. Gang up with your friends to compete and play multiplayer games on a common screen.

My Final Verdict:

AirConsole is an outstanding online platform which works as a gaming console for you to play tons of fun games. No more use of standard gamepads, as you can simply turn your smartphone into a gamepad. To start playing games, all you need is a PC or laptop and your smartphone. You can also connect multiple smartphones at once to play multiplayer games. Give it a try and you’ll love it for sure.

Try “AirConsole” from here.

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