5 Free Online Reflex Games To Test Your Reflexes

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Here is a list of 5 free online reflex games that you can play to test how good your reflexes are and how you can improve them. Reflexes are something that can be improved over time by working constantly. These games help you to test the level of your reflexes and if you play  them for a long period of time, your reflexes are bound to get better. The improvement will show in your final scores.

These online reflex games adopt different methods to check your reflexes. If in one game you have to fit the speeding blocks in right , in the other you have to hit the dart as quickly as possible. Let us see how all these games function and what you can do with them.

The online reflex games that I have reviewed in this article are Test Your Reflexes Game, Reflex, Reaction Test, Reflex Test, Test Your Reflexes.

Test Your Reflexes Game

5 Free online reflex games to test your reflexes-reflex games-Test Your Reflexes Game

The first online reflex game is Test Your Reflexes Game. In this game, you have to shoot the darts as quickly as you can. There is a herd of sheep standing in one side of the screen. From that herd, time to time, a sheep tries to escape and run for freedom. You are supposed to keep a watch on that herd and hit dart as soon a sheep tries to run away. To shoot the dart, you just have to click on the dart and dart will hit the sheep automatically. The sooner you shoot the dart, the better your reflexes are. There is also a penalty of 3 seconds, if you shoot the dart when no sheep is trying to run away. At the end of every game, your timings for every dart are shown and you are rated as a Cheetah, Rabbit, Bobcat, Armadillo, or a sluggish nail ( in decreasing order). These are the ratings that you get depending on your timings.

Play Test Your Reflexes Game here.


5 Free online reflex games to test your reflexes-reflex games-Reflex

The second game in our list of free online reflex games is Reflex. In this game, you can test your reflexes by clicking at the right time. The game contains 12 different levels and at every level, you have to do something different. However, the basic structure is the same, and you just have to right click at every level. In the first level, you have to stop the bars, by clicking the moment they reach the peak. There is an alphabet at the peak and it lights up when the bar reaches that alphabet. The moment that bar touches the alphabet, you have to click and stop it. If you stop the bar at the right time you get full scores.  There are 6 different bars lined up and the speed also keeps increasing with every subsequent bar. You move to the next level after completing this one, where you have to do something else. The game can be played in two different modes: Percentage Mode & Time Mode. The only difference is that your results are shown in percentage and seconds, respectively.

Play Reflex here.

Reaction Test

5 Free online reflex games to test your reflexes-reflex games-Reaction Test

Third game in the list of free online reflex games is Reaction Test. It is a very simple game to understand and a difficult one to score. There is a red color dot  present on a blank screen when you start playing the game. The color of the dot changes randomly and you have to right click your mouse as soon as it changes. In every game, you get five chances and your timings are recorded. The average time of all your chances is calculated, and that serves as your final results. There is also a penalty of 1 second  if you click the mouse before the color of the dot changes. Your average time keeps reducing as your reflexes begin to improve. According to the game, if your average time is between 0.2-0.25 seconds, your reflexes are good.

There is one aspect of the game that impressed me the most. In every game, the last dot is always flashed up big and your score for that dot is always less than the rest. According to the game, it signifies that your reflexes are not fully active while detecting other dots and you can improve on them.

Play Reaction Test here.

Reflex Test

5 Free online reflex games to test your reflexes-reflex games-Reflex Test

Reflex Test is fourth in the list of online reflex games. This game lets you improve your reflexes by quickly following the dot. A black dot is present on a blank screen and it keeps moving from one place to another. You have to follow that dot and click on it while it is moving around. The game lasts for 10 seconds and you have to click on dots as many times as you can. The number of times you click on the dot in 10 seconds is your final score. The dot can move anywhere and you have to click on it to get points. You will not get any point if you click anywhere other than the dot.

There is no specified score that can be considered as good. You have to score as much as you can and your score will definitely improve with time. However, you can compare your score with that of other players. You will have to create a free account and after that you will be able to submit your score and compare it with others.

Play Reflex Test here.

Test Your Reflexes

5 Free online reflex games to test your reflexes-reflex games-Test Your Reflexes

The fifth and final game in our list of free reflex games is Test Your Reflexes. It is a very straightforward game where you just have to aim and shoot. Lots of circular boards appear on your screen and you have to aim and shoot them. The more number of boards you shoot, the better your score gets. However, it’s easier said than done. The boards move around at a very quick speed and you just get 30 seconds to play. In those 30 seconds, you have to hit maximum number of fast-moving boards. If you do not have good reflexes, you will end up getting a very low score. Whether your scores are good or not can be judged by submitting your score and comparing it with scores of other users. There is also a list of top sores that you can see.

Play Test Your Reflexes here.

All these reflex games help you in testing your reflexes and improve them, in different manners. You can pick up the ones you like, play them, and test your reflexes.

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