5 Free Games To Learn Spanish Online

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Here is a list of 5 free games to learn Spanish online in a fun way. Learn to speak Spanish by playing games online using these websites.

Spanish, the language that originated in Spain, belongs to the Indo-European language family; the largest language family in the world. Many people like to learn Spanish (including me), but it gets boring to learn from a book or in form of lessons. So, I found these online games that teach Spanish while playing games. So, start playing games and learn Spanish faster.


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Lingohut is a website through which you can learn foreign languages for free. Learn through those online tutorials and play games to learn Spanish online. It lets you play traditional games, and shows questions after every step of the game. So, you play real games while learning Spanish.

Lingohut displays the word in the language you want and an audio support is also available to learn the pronunciation also. You can play games to learn and check how much you have learned or repeat the lessons. Learn Spanish online using this website in a fun way. There are translations to many other languages too. So, it’s easy to learn Spanish in your native language while having fun.

Read more about Lingohut here. Click here to visit Lingohut.



GiftedSpeech is an online website through which you can gain lot of knowledge. Learn reading, music, math, and much more using this website.

With the help of GiftedSpeech you can learn languages, vocabulary, and learn very fast. Through GiftedSpeech you can learn the languages you want and master in it. GiftedSpeech needs a login to enter the learning process. So, just visit the website and register to learn Spanish for free through GiftedSpeech. Learn Spanish and learn much more using this website.

Click here to know more about GiftedSpeech. Click here to Visit GiftedSpeech website.

Digital Dialects:

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Digital Dialects is a website through which you can learn Spanish for free. It has many fun games to teach Spanish in a simpler way. One of the interesting games is a number game. It shows you numbers from one to ten in English and Spanish. You are asked to remember those. Then you are shown two numbers in Spanish and you have to choose their sum in Spanish. I found this game very interesting and quickly got a handle at basic numbers in Spanish. Very nice fun way.

Digital Dialects provides many tutorials to learn Spanish. This website provides games and lessons to learn Spanish. Some of the games have audio pronunciation system also. There are many categories to learn Spanish according to the category you want (you can see them in the above screenshot). Just go through all the categories and keep increasing your Spanish knowledge.

Click here to Visit Digital Dialects.



GenkiSpanish is a free website; where you can learn Spanish for free. GenkiSpanish provides many games to learn Spanish in a fun way.

GenkiSpanish gives a small introduction of the category you choose and it will test how much you have learned through games. There are many categories in this website, every topic has it’s own category and choose each category learn the words or sentences and play games to test your skills. Learn Spanish online in an easier way through GenkiSpanish.

The games on this website are quite basic and simple. I tried game to learn seasons in Spanish. It first tells you all four season in Spanish. Then it speaks out a season and you have to pick that. Nice interesting way.

Click here to visit GenkiSpanish.



123TeachMe is a website through which you can learn Spanish online and play games too. Have fun playing your favorite games and learn Spanish too.

123TeachMe provides tutorials to learn Spanish and includes tests in some famous games like: Wonderputt, Battle tanks, etc.; where you will be required to input the correct answer to proceed to the next stage. So, go through the tutorials well and choose a category in which you are perfect and play the games. Have fun playing the games and become a fluent speaker in Spanish.

Click here to visit 123TeachMe.

All these websites provide a means to learn Spanish, while playing games. So, try one of these websites and learn Spanish in a different method rather than sticking your eyes to a book or listening to boring classes.

Hasta Luego Amigos.

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