4 Free iPad Compass Apps

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Here, are 4 free iPad Compass apps. Apple App Store has multiple smart Compass apps which lets you track the direction on your iPad with ease. iPad Compass apps include Compass, Free HD Compass, and more. Install any one of them and start tracking the direction with ease on your iPad.



Compass is a free iPad app to find the direction on iPad. This iPad Compass app lets you check out the direction of the side at which you point your iPad. On top of this, the app also tells the angle degree of the direction at which you point your iPad. You can easily track whether the direction is north, south, east, or west. Launch the app and you will see the yellow colored pointer. You need to point your iPad according to the pointer given in the app. The app then tells you the exact direction at which your iPad is pointed.

Free HD Compass:

HD Compass

HD Compass is a free iPad app which lets you use compass to find direction via iPad. This iPad app displays a compass which works according to the direction in which you move your iPad. The app tells you the direction with the help of the needle which is in the compass. Just move your iPad and the needles in the compass moves accordingly. The app shows the direction according to true north and magnetic north direction. Along with the compass, the app also shows the direction in degrees. The interface of the app looks as if you are really using some compass instrument to find the direction.

Compass Professional:

Compass Professional

Compass Professional is a free iPad app that lets you check the direction on iPad. This iPad compass app is like Free HD Compass app which we have discussed above. The app looks purely professional with a nice compass interface. Just move your ipad and the app will track the direction through magnetic effects or GPS (if your iOS device supports the same). The app has two compass modes which include Magnetometer mode and GPS mode. Also, the app provides two types of compass which include Magnetic North and Real North. Just head to the settings menu and select the preferred options from the app.

Compass 54 Lite:

Compass 54

Compass 54 Lite is a free iPad app to track and check the current direction with ease on iPad. This iPad compass app is a bit advanced app that lets you track the current direction with the exact degree of the direction. You need to just move your iPad to get the direction which you are looking for. According to app description, this iPad compass app also displays the current date and time, weather, and map on your iPad. But due to some GPS error, my iPad was unable to track the same. Like other compass apps, this app also includes two types of compass: Magnetic north and True north.

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If you find any other good iPad compass app, then do let us know in comments below.

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