5 Free Pedometer Apps For iPhone

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Here, are 5 free pedometer apps for iPhone. Pedometer is an instrument that calculates the number of steps a person takes while walking, jogging or running. In Smartphones, developers have taken advantage of Accelerometer and GPS to make Pedometer apps that count the distance traveled by a person.

Pedometer Free


Pedometer Free might be the most popular iPhone pedometer app for calculating the number of steps. Pedometer uses device’s Accelerometer to detect the movements. Just calibrate the Accelerometer from Pedometer app and it will show very accurate and precise results. Pedometer Free counts the number of steps, estimate calories burnt, pace, speed and workout time. This free iPhone Pedometer app also features a nice function called Body Tracker. Pedometer app Free will also show your run on the map. Users can upload their stats to Facebook or Twitter or both in a single step.

Runstastic Lite


Runtastic Lite is a GPS based all-in-one fitness app. With this Pedometer app, users can monitor their activities and compare their stats against the competitors. Users can also map their route before starting the exercise. Runstastic Lite calculates the distance traveled, calories burnt, speed and more. The voice feedback is available in both English and German. In training diary, users can track their activity history. Sharing the activities on Facebook and Twitter is also a notable feature. Users can perform a lot of indoor and outdoor activities with Runtastic. Runtastic Lite also features a built-in Compass and progress graphs.

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Pedometer Step Counter


Pedometer Step Counter app is brought up by the developers of Runtastic. This iPhone Pedometer app is simple and easy to use. Calibration is not required as the app does it automatically. Place the phone anywhere – in pocket, waist or tie it to arm – no matter. Pedometer Lite counts the steps, calories burnt, frequency, etc. The pedometer app shows great accuracy. Users can also upload their activities to Facebook and Twitter.



RunKeeper is an excellent GPS based fitness app. This Pedometer apps uses an online account at runkeeper.com to keep the data. Users can also monitor the activities from runkeeper.com. Also, after performing an activity the data is synced to the online account. This Pedometer app can also run in the background, so users can listen to music. The updated stats are given out through headphones. This iPhone Pedometer app is basically designed for outdoor activities.



Footsteps is a good pedometer app on iPhone platform. The only limit of this Pedometer app is that you can count only up to 3000 steps in the free version. So this iPhone Pedometer app might not be for long runners. Footsteps calculates time duration, number of steps, speed, distance traveled and calories burnt. The UI is pretty much simple.

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