Protect Computer with USB Drive: Predator

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Predator is a free software to hide your Windows session while you are away, so that no one can work on your computer, or see what you were doing. Predator works in a very interesting way by using a USB drive.

How to Secure your Computer with Predator:

Just use your USB drive like lock and key for your system and protect your data from unwarranted sniffers. It works as follows:

  • Insert your USB drive in PC and run Predator application on your PC. It will run though your Windows are open.
  • As usual you do your work and leave USB running on your PC.
  • When you want to go away from your system, just plug out your USB, and take it with you. Your keyboard and mouse will get disable and your screen will get darkened as soon as you plug out your USB.
  • And when you return just replaces USB again in your PC port and the entire component will get restored.

As you can see that you need not close your work windows and logout from your username when you are away from your system, and still you protected your data. Predator is a good free alternative to “Alt-Ctrl-Del” feature that Enterprise versions of Windows come with. So, if you do not have that feature, Predator will let you add that type of functionality by locking your keyboard and mouse.


Predator protects your system even if your session is open and still you away from PC. It requires less labor to use Predator rather closing down your Windows session, work window or entering passwords to logout and login in your PC and all this protection just through your USB flash drive. Now you don’t need special USB drive for Predator, as it uses general any basic USB drive for your system security.

Note: Predator just protects your running Windows session, it does not protects your laptop from theft. For that, you can use LAlarm that also uses USB Drive, or you can also use Prey to recover stolen laptop.

Here are some of the features of LAlarm:

  • Predator records all the info relating to security into a log file. You can keep track of intruders who tried to steal data from your PC when you were away.
  • Predator frequently changes your lock codes that are used by it when it’s in your ESB. So if any intruder copied your stick memory, it will be in vain since this copy would not work anymore with changed lock code.
  • Predator replicates your security log file on your Twitter account, allowing you to remotely monitor all access-control activity on your PC (in paid version only).
  • Predator sends alert messages by Email or by SMS (in paid version only).
  • Predator disables the Windows task manager when you unplug the USB drive. You cannot use CTRL+ATL+del to escape this application. The Window will not get restored until you insert your USB back.
  • Predator disables the CD Autorun feature in Windows, to prevent intruders from running malware on specially crafted CDs.
  • Predator can sound an audible alarm if somebody enters an invalid password.
  • You can use one USB stick to protect several PCs like your work PC and home computer.
  • Free version is for personal non-commercial use only.

No worries if you lose your stick. Predator application has thought of the case of USB loss and thus when you first run this application on your PC it will ask you to set security password. You can use this password to restore your Windows in case you lose your USB. Some other good uses of USB drive are: USB Portable Apps and USB Desktop.

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