Lupo PenSuite: Install Best Portable Apps on USB Drive

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Lupo PenSuite is a free suite of programs that installs on your USB drive. Lupo PenSuite is specifically designed to use with a USB drive so that you can bring with you to any place. LupoPensuite contains over 2000 programs and games. You can choose the programs that you want to install on your USB drive, or you can install one of the pre-configured suites.

Lupo PenSuite has a really vast collection of best portable applications. The application categories include Browsers, Email Clients, Chat Clients, P2P Clients, Media Players, CD/DVD Burners, Image Editors, System Utilities, Password Managers, Text Editors, Word Processors, and lot more.

Once you install Lupo PenSuite on your USB drive, it comes with with its own Start menu. When you connect the USB drive to your computer, you can explore all the programs on Lupo PenSuite with intuitive menu.

If you do not want to install one of the pre-configured suites, you can install Zero suite, which basically installs just the Lupo PenSuite. Then, you can add the applications that you like.

Here are some of the features of Lupo PenSuite:

  • Lupo PenSuite is a free suite of programs that collect the best portable applications that is available on the internet
  • Lupo PenSuite runs on a USB stick drive
  • Lupo PenSuite contains more than 180 portable applications in all categories including Notepad++, Opera, VLC, Firefox, FileZilla and etc
  • Lupo PenSuite contains no spyware, malware, or viruses that spread into your computer
  • The program has an easy to user interface
  • Lupo PenSuite Supports 28 languages
  • You can configure the startup options including start Lupo PenSuite on startup, show window on startup, show tray icon menu on startup or enable autorun
  • You can use hotkeys to show the Lupo PenSuite window
  • You can configure windows options such as hold window size, show application information or show window on top
  • You can customize Lupo PenSuite program title with your own window title
  • You can view the categories in automatic open and close categories
  • You can customize the font settings of the program interface
  • You can enable hotkey, cache, save security, and scheduler
  • Enable active backup, active MRU, MRU on trayicon submenu
  • Execute the programs in Lupo PenSuite with a single mouse click
  • Users can configure Lupo PenSuite to just run file, run and hide Lupo PenSuite, or run and close Lupo PenSuite on executing the program in Lupo PenSuite
  • You can show window or menu on left click or right click
  • You can enable fade menu
  • You can configure the mouse sensors of the left and right click

LupoPenSuite is a free suite of programs and an all in one package that meet all your needs.

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Works With: Windows
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