Prey: Free Software to Track and Recover Stolen Laptop

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Prey is a simple to use free software that enables you to track stolen laptop in order to give you a chance of getting it back.

The free laptop tracker works by looking for a specific URL. If the URL exists, then Prey goes to sleep instantly and doesn’t do anything. However, if Prey does not find the URL in question (because the user has removed it after the theft), it will send error reports to the control panel of the user who owns the machine. This is a simple, yet very effective system and it does yield successful results.

The setup screen for Prey.

Here are some of the features of Prey Stolen Laptop Tracker:

  • Send timed reports about what the stolen computer is doing.
  • Uses wi-fi hotspots and GPS to track the location of the stolen device.
  • Lightweight software.
  • User can add or remove modules based on their preferences.
  • Powerful and comprehensive reporting.
  • Messaging and alert system.
  • Automatic updating system.

How does Prey Stolen Laptop Tracker Works:

When a user signs up with Prey, they are provided with a URL that allows the free laptop tracker to work. Every time Prey starts, it tries to access the URL. Normally, this URL will exist and Prey can go back to sleep. However, when the laptop is stolen, the user deletes the URL. When Prey cannot find the URL, it knows that something is up and starts to do its job.

The free laptop tracker sends detailed reports to the user about what their stolen laptop is being used for and if possible where it is. This can make it possible for the rightful owner to get their property back. You can even send messages and alerts to tell the thief they are being tracked, which can serve as an excellent deterrent.


Prey is a very clever free stolen laptop tracker that is exactly the kind of software a more clumsy computer user may need just for some peace of mind and a chance to get back what they thought that they had lost.Another similar free software to recover your lost laptop is FireFound.

These type of laptop recovery software might not be helpful all the times, but this does gives a slight hope of recovering your precious laptop and data.

Prey is lightweight and only activates when it needs to work. Thus, this “silent assassin” is almost perfect.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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