5 Free Usenet Reader Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 Free Usenet reader software for Windows 10. A large portion of younger internet audience probably doesn’t even know what Usenet is. I myself was at the trailing end of it, but I still remember setting up newsgroups in Outlook Express. They are still a great resource that some might want to access even today. With the applications from the list down below, you’ll be able to do just that. Let’s have a look at what exactly it is that’s available and what do these applications have to offer.


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Xnews is a portable and lightweight Usenet reader software for Windows 10. After download, just extract the ZIP archive, click on the executable and you’ll be prompted with a server setup right away. For starters you need to enter the Usenet server address and nickname. After that another window pops-up where you can customize things like server port, login data, SMTP data, and more.

When setup is completed, you’ll be able to download the list of newsgroups from the server, see image above. Unread newsgroups have a red icon in front of them. Multiple servers can be setup and they are going to be added like tabs at the bottom of the interface. Switching between servers requires you to just click on a different tab. Assuming that all the server/email settings have been properly configured you will be able to read newsgroups, access messages, post replies, etc.

Get Xnews.

XanaNews – free Usenet reader software for Windows 10

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XanaNews is a more modern looking Usenet reader software for Windows 10, like you can see from the image above. It’s also portable, so there’s no need to install anything. Upon launching the application you’re going to be prompted to enter details of the Usenet server that you want to access. Once you’ve done that, the server will show up in the left sidebar.

Right click and select the option “Show Newsgroup list” to receive a list of available newsgroups. Search tool helps you find groups that you want more easily (“computer” groups in my case on the screenshot above). Once you find a group you can subscribe to it after which it will be added to the sidebar. Next step is to download messages, read them, reply and join the discussion. What kind of functionalities are going to be available depends on your Usenet provider, but everything you’d expect from a Usenet reader is available, including downloads. Do note that this is not a downloader, but it can download some files if you need it to.

Get XanaNews.

Also have a look at Free Newsgroup Download Client To Download TV Shows: Sick Beard.


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Thunderbird is a multipurpose Usenet reader software for Windows 10. I’m saying that because it can also be used as an email client, RSS reader and you can chat with people using it. Since this isn’t exclusively a Usenet reader, you won’t be asked to setup a Usenet account after launching it, but rather an email account.

To setup a Usenet server, go to top right corner menu icon, select “Options >> Account Settings” and there select “Add account”. Follow the wizard and the server will be added to the sidebar on the left. Right click on the server there and select “Subscribe..” to lookup newsgroups that interest you. Once you subscribe to them, you can download messages, read them, send replies, do some basic downloading, etc. Reading messages is basically just like reading email, the same Thunderbird mechanics apply. This is great if you’re new to Usenet. You won’t be confused by the reader, just Usenet.

Get Thunderbird.


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Grabit is a Usenet reader software for Windows 10 which is much more better suited for file download. Usenet was originally a discussion board, or something similar to it. With time people starting sharing files.

Now next to millions of messages, there are also lots of files on Usenet servers available for download. Grabit can be used to setup Usenet servers for accessing newsgroups, but it’s also equally good when it comes to downloads. It can be used to even directly load up NZB files. As far as reader functionality, everything works like with every other reader up until now. Use the toolbar up top to add a server. It’s added to the left sidebar from where you can select it and then select the “Subscribe” option from the toolbar up top to subscribe to newsgroups. All the messages from a newsgroup can be downloaded at once or incrementally. They are listed on the right. Download stats can be found down below, underneath the message list.

Get Grabit.

Also have a look at SABnzbd: Free Usenet Newsreader And Downloader.


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NewsXpress is an extremely lightweight (around 800kb) portable Usenet reader software for Windows 10 which you can use to access, read and reply to Usenet newsgroups. Now note that this is extremely outdated software, which can be seen from the screenshots above.

Despite that everything worked great. I could access and read messages just fine. There were some hiccups when trying to access posts with file attachments (images), everything slowed down and posts didn’t open, so this is basically just a reader and nothing more. Use the left sidebar to load up server settings. Newsgroups and messages are listed at the center.

Get NewsXpress.


Even though all 5 of the Usenet reader software for Windows 10 from the list above worked great, my favorite was Thunderbird. It worked fast, has everything you’d need from a Usenet reader and it has lots of additional features. XanaNews comes close behind in second place. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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