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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free online service that can help you improve your vocabulary. It’s based on a very simple concept “Practice makes a man perfect”. The site will keep asking you vocabulary questions in rounds of 10. Each question offers you four options. For every right answer, you earn points.

What if you answer wrong? Try it again. And again. And when you finally get it right, you’ll get well explained meaning of that word.

Create a free account and your score will keep on adding. Your achievements, like, Perfect round, Mastered 50 words, Streaks-5 in a row, etc. are also collected. Other users can view your achievements. Time to boost huh!

You can search for words in dictionary on the site. You can create your own vocabulary list as well to keep the words that often trouble you (also see: free dictionary software). Challenge

Best feature of this service to me is that there is no clock ticking. So, you can breathe easy and answer. creates a healthy sense of competition as it allows you to view the top 10 performers of the day, months, and all time. You can also invite your Facebook friend and view their performance.

If you want to generate money for charity while improving your vocabulary, try FreeRice.

How to Improve Vocabulary With

Follow the link available at the end of this review to go to the homepage of You can try a challenge without sign-up. Improving vocabulary is not a matter of one trial and requires you to keep practicing. So, it would be better if you sign-up with to let it keep a track of your scores. Words that you were tested with are also stored with your progress card after sign up.

Sign-up is very much like any other online service but it asks some interesting things to mention. You need to give one favorite word and one least favorite word, then provide a reason for it. This was quite tricky for me and I spent some good time thinking about what should be my favorite word. Signup

After sign-up, you will reach “The Challenge” page (homepage of, where you get the first question. You can start answering and moving to the next question. Right answer will get you points and your level will rise.

After every 10 questions, you get your score and move to the next round. More you answer correctly, tougher will be the next round. round completion

If you are not in the mood to try the questions then you can move to any other link, or sign out. You’ can start from the question you left at.

How Do I Check My Progress:

Click on “My Progress” link available at the top right corner.

  • You can check your score, level, and the ratio of wrong and right answers.
  • List of the word that you have answered so far is available on the same page. Click on any word to view its meaning from the dictionary.
  • You can also view your achievements, such as, Perfect round, Streak, Master any number of words, etc. My Progress

More Options with

  • You can click on the Leaderboards option to view the topper of the day, month, and all time.
  • You can invite your friends from Facebook. Performance of your friends can be viewed just with one click from “The Challenge” page.
  • You can add words to Vocabulary list to make a collection of words that often trouble you with their meaning.
  • Vocabulary Blog is also a good place to checkout sometimes. It carries some useful tips and information. More Options

My Take on

I was looking for a Vocabulary improving tool for myself and got to know about briefly in our article 5 Free Websites To Improve Vocabulary. I used it for myself and felt the urge to write more on it. Well, I guess that say a lot. is one of the easiest way to improve your vocabulary. The site claims to have more than 120,000 questions to test you. You can also try the dictionary option to find out the meanings of the words yourself. You can sign in anytime and start from where you left. Vocabulary is something that always need improvement and this tool is among some of the best options for that.

I am eyeing the leaderboard quite seriously. I hope you are planning to compete with me.

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