Coping Club: Inspirational Videos For Kids To Help Cope With illness

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Coping Club is a free website that contains inspirational videos for kids to help them in coping with serious medical conditions and reduce stress levels. The website features first hand account of kids going through acute illness and how they are coping with it. There are also videos of family members who are coping with the illness of their relatives. It shows how they are going about their lives, what dreams they have and the efforts they are making to survive. The website has been designed by members of Kosair Children’s Hospital and they talk about how these kids are dealing their problems.

The website aims to help kids in keeping up with the spirit of life and do not loose hope. You will see kids, going through some acute illness, talking about how they want to shape their lives and what all they wish to achieve in life. They indulge in different activities organized by the staff and try to live happily.

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Watch Inspirational Videos For Kids And Filter Your Search

It is a very simple and straightforward platform to use. All you have to do is hear personal experiences of people and learn from them. However, there are  a few functions that you can use while going through these inspirational videos for kids. You can filter your search selecting a particular age group, gender, or topic. The website contains videos of kids belonging to the age group of 5-10 to kids above 15 years. So, you can select an age group, gender (boys or girls) and filter your search. The Topic tab lists all the diseases for which the videos are available. You can choose a particular disease and watch videos related to it.

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The website is not only about watching videos of diseased kids and how they cope with it. You can also see videos of parents or family members are coping with the illness of their little ones. There are videos containing safety tips, healthy diet tips etc. The website also allows you to “like” and comment on these uploaded videos.

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Benefits Of These Inspirational Videos For Kids

When you watch someone going through a difficult phase with a smile on their face, you tend to feel motivated. A feeling of affection towards that person is bound to arise. At the same time, you feel a little relaxed about yourself. These videos help you in reducing your stress and anxiety levels. All this ultimately has a very positive effect on your health.

Key Features Of Coping Club

  • Contains inspirational video for kids
  • Contains videos of family members coping with illness of their loved ones
  • Helps to reduce stress levels
  • Lets you search videos by age group, gender and topic
  • Like and comment on videos
  • Share videos

Final Verdict

To put in simple words, it is a very effective website for kids. These inspirational videos for kids can have a very positive effect on their health. You learn to cope with various serious problems and stay happy.

Check out Coping Club here.

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