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KidsHealth is a free health website for kids, teens, parents, and educators that provides them with material to deal with health and emotional problems. The website is divided into four sections (for parents, kids, teens, educators) and contains different material accordingly. The parents are taught about  how to deal with their children’s health and mental issues etc. whereas, kids can read about different diseases, listen to stories of other kids, play health games, quizzes etc. Similarly the teens section deals with the health and emotional problems of their age and educators are taught how to improve the performance of children in the classroom etc.

This health website for kids has something in it for everyone and everyone can benefit from it. Let us segregate all the four sections and have a look at them separately.

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KidsHealth For Parents:

In the parents area of this health website for kids, parents are given knowledge, advice on matters related to their health and their kids health. They can read articles relating to different issues like pregnancy, nutrition & fitness of their kids, their growth & development, general health, emotions & behaviors and much more. There are multiple broad topics on the homepage that are further divided into sub-categories. There is one question and answers tab for parents. In this tab there are lots of questions under different topics that parents might ask. Long and descriptive answers have been provided for every question by the experts. Parents can read or listen to the text.  This is one feature that is available in all the sections of the website. You can choose to listen to the text instead of reading it.

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KidsHealth For Kids

Like in parents area, kids area also has a lot of different tabs that contain lots of articles on different topics and issues. Kids can read about how different parts of their bodies work, what changes take place in their bodies while growing up, different kinds of health problems, methods to stay healthy & safe and much more. The topics are chosen keeping in mind the important things for toddlers. They are taught about how to behave in school, how to express their feelings etc.

Apart from providing articles on different important topics, kids are also shown some videos. They can also read stories of other kids of same age, take part in quizzes, and play games. All these videos, games, quizzes contain stuff related to health, emotions, science etc. for development of kids.

KidsHealth For Teens

The teens section of the website deals with problems, issues, and questions that teens face generally. The section includes expert articles on food, fitness, sexual health, jobs, infections, drugs & alcohol and much more. All these topics are very much relevant to every teen and they can absolutely relate to it. The home page contains latest topics, latest answers by experts, latest quiz question etc. Teens can also read stories of others of their own age. They can read tips to fight problems like depression etc. The website keeps updating different things.

KidsHealth-health website for kids-for teens

KidsHealth For Educators

The last section of the website is for educators . This section contains guides for teachers to deal with children of different age. It talks about different problems a children might face and how teachers can help them to fight these problems. It highlights the role of educators in helping children in their homework, making them understand how their body works, taking care of their needs etc. All in all it  reflects on the role of educators to help improve the performance of their students and helping them in different matters. There are different exercises & experiments that educators can perform and activities they can indulge in with their students.

Key Features Of This Health Website For Kids

  • Different sections for parents, kids, teens, and educators
  • Lots of articles on different important issues
  • Lessons for educators in PDF format
  • Health games, quizzes, and videos for kids
  • Quizzes and important tips for teens
  • Option to listen to the text as a speech
  • No registration required

Final Verdict

KidsHealth is  a nice website with a clear intention to create awareness. All these different section of this health website for kids try to ensure that children live a healthy life with no unnecessary emotional baggage and complete awareness on different issues.

Try KidsHealth here!

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