Scrub Club: Free Website For Kids To Learn To Stay Healthy

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Scrub Club is a free website meant for kids who can learn to fight germs and stay healthy in a very different and interesting manner. The website contains different characters, projected as heroes, that perform different steps related to washing hands. These characters fight with the villains (the germs that we can catch if hands are not washed properly), and come out victorious in the battle. These heroes and villains teach you the proper method of washing hands and the germs you might catch if you do not wash hands properly, respectively. Along with this, there are songs, games, videos, and lessons for you to understand the methods & importance of staying fit.

The website aims to teach you the importance of staying healthy and fit in a very creative manner. Washing hands properly is a very important exercise as it saves you from a lot of common diseases and bacteria. But, rather than teaching this lesson like a tutorial, the website comes up with an innovative alternative. Let us see how it works and how much does it help you.

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How To Use Scrub Club

As I mentioned above, the website includes heroes that perform different steps of washing hands. There are six heroes in all and each of them has a step associated with them. They combine to form a Scrub Club. Similarly, there is a team of 6 villains and each of them carries a disease that you can catch. You can read about both heroes and villains by clicking on every one of them separately.

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Once you are acquainted with the Scrub Club team and the villains you have to start fighting them. The website contains different games that you can play. You have to fight a separate villain in every game and send them packing. The villain and hero for every game is set by default. These games are also made keeping in mind the different steps of washing hands.

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While you are playing these games, there are a lot of things that you get to learn. Every game has lessons and facts inserted in it that you can read & hear. You learn the importance of staying fit while playing these games. You can play these games as many times as you want.

Apart from the games, Scrub Club also includes some episodes for you to watch. These episodes also show content related to staying healthy and teaching you the importance of washing hands properly. There is also one Handwashing song that you can hear. The website also contains lessons that you can download in PDF format. These lessons have rich content for teachers and parents as well.

Key Features Of Scrub Club

  • Learn to stay healthy in a creative manner
  • Different games to play
  • Watch episodes
  • Listen to songs
  • Lots of lessons to learn
  • Lessons for teachers and parents in PDF format
  • Learn about 6 types of diseases and bacteria
  • Download a Scrub Club badge for free

Final Verdict

An amazing health website for kids with some brilliantly designed games and characters. The idea in itself is very creative and useful. Till now the website is only limited to discussing the importance of washing hands. I just wish that information about a few more diseases, and ways to tackle it can be added in the future.

Try Scrub Club here.

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