How to Post to WordPress, Medium, Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously

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This tutorial explains how to post to WordPress, Medium, Facebook, Twitter simultaneously. Story Chief is a powerful story writer tool that lets you directly post to the aforementioned platforms plus some more. You can create, edit, and optimize your stories or posts in Social Chef website and then publish them all in one go. Also, you can schedule your posts if you want to.

You can post your stories to a custom blog, Drupal, HubSpot, Magento, Shopify, Fork CMS, LinkedIn, Press, Ambassadors, and newsletter services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc. You can easily publish your stories to these platforms after creating them here. However, in the free pan, you can only post 5 stories per month.

Story Chief is an amazing tool for SEO professionals and marketers. The stories that you post through it will be published according to the platform. For example, on WordPress, Medium, etc., like CMSs, it will publish the whole stories. And for the social media platforms, it will post links to actual posts. Here it offers you a feature rich editor with readability checker and SEO checker. Before publishing your posts or stories, you can easily analyze them and then finally publish them in one click.

How to Post to WordPress, Medium, Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously

How to Post to WordPress, Medium, Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously?

To use Story Chief, you will have to sign up for a free account and then start using it. So, just go to the homepage of Story Chief and then create a free account to start using it. Before writing your stories, you will have to connect to the different accounts on different services. For social media and newsletter, you can simply authorize your account in a simple way and then start creating your stories. You can add your accounts in the “Channels” section. For adding a CMS like WordPress, you will have to install a plugin on your website. And the process is explained below.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress site and then from the Plugins section, install “Story Chief for WordPress”. Next, activate it.

Story Cheif WordPress plugin

Step 2: Now, enter the key that Social Chief gives from the Channels section of WordPress. After that, save the changes and then go back to the website. And then you can add other accounts as well.

WordPress settings Story Chief

Step 3: Now, you can start writing your story. Create new story, give it a title and then write the corresponding text. You can upload images from your PC and embed content from Twitter and Instagram as well. It offers you a Medium like editor to change the text formatting.

Story Chief Editor

Step 4: Next, you can specify the SEO parameters in the Summary section. And you can also open the readability checker and see the stats of your story. You can analyze the readability report and then make the corresponding changes that it suggests.

Story Chief text analyzer SEO checker

Step 5: Finally, publish the post to the configured destinations. And if you want to post to only specific platforms then you can also do that. Not only this, if you want to schedule the post then you can specify the time and date for that for example in case of WordPress.

Story Chief publishing in action

Above, you can see how Story Chief works to post to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, and a lot other platforms. You just have to configure those in its web app and then start publishing posts to multiple destinations in one click. The free plan is very limited but if it really helps you at your work then you can use the “pay as you go” option as well.

Bottom Line:

Social Chief is an amazing website to post to multiple destinations simultaneously. This is a very powerful tool for SEO professionals and copywriters. And I liked the fact that it comes with a built-in readability checker as well. Also, the SEO checker works perfectly to scan the story for the different SEO parameters. So, if you need a tool to post to multiple platforms directly then use Social Chief. It will greatly save your time.

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