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Nibbler is a free online SEO checker to test your website for SEO, accessibility on different platforms, website ranking, website pages optimization for printability, popularity, analytics, internal links, and much more. It tests 5 pages (as sample) of a website and performs more than 20 tests. For each test, it generates a score out of 10, which gives a good idea about how good your website is.

Apart from testing and providing the score for your website, it also helps to find out problems related to your website. It also provides suggestions to solve those problems. For example, if your website is not linked with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, then it will suggest you to sign up to these social networks, and link your website with your social accounts. A detailed report for your website is presented to you.

I found results generated by this website as satisfactory and accurate. In spite of the fact that it tests only 5 pages, this website is handy to test problems, and find solutions for improving your website.

Nibbler- test your website

In the above screenshot, you can see the report of our website generated by this website. More than 1 million websites have been tested by this tool so far.

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How to Test SEO of your Website with Nibbler?

Go to its homepage using the link I have placed at the end of this review. Using this online SEO checker is a very simple task. All you need to do is enter the URL of any website, and click on Test button. After this, it will automatically analyze 5 webpages of that website to generate the report.

enter website address to test

After generating the report, results will be in front of you. On right side, you can see the overview for your website, where it provides scores for different tests. Overall scoring of your website including other tests, like website accessibility, user experience, technology, marketing, etc., is also provided on its webpage.

report generated

Scrolling down the webpage will show detailed information regarding each individual score generated by this website. This is useful to check why the score for a particular test for your website is low/high, what are the issues, and what could be the possible solutions to solve issues. You could find some interesting points regarding your website, such as:

  • What is the code quality of your website (website is W3C Compliant or not).
  • How many of your website pages uses Google analytics.
  • Amount of content on your website (average words per page).
    average words per page in a website
  • Whether Internal links are properly describing the destination or not (where the link will direct).
  • Is the website is linked with social networks or not.
  • Likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Total number of tweets posted so far.
  • Server Behavior: Does your website send 404 HTTP status code for missing pages or not.
  • Website content is offensive or inoffensive. Website with offensive content can be blocked by some filtering system.
    inoffensive content test
  • Webpage titles are properly defined or not.
  • Outside pages that are linking with your website and domains that have linked your website.
  • When your website was born and expiration time of your domain.
  • Worldwide ranking (Alexa ranking) of your website and more.

website popularity test


Nibble website can help you a lot to improve your website and fix issues associated with your website. Based on tests performed by this website, it becomes easy to find out the weak zones of your website. It definitely does not tells all the possible problems with your website, but it does tells about some important ones, that need to be addressed. So, before you move on to one of the complex (and possibly expensive) tools to find all that is wrong with the website, start with this one to get a high level idea of problems and start fixing those.

Try Nibble free.

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