3 Dead Bookmark Checker Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 3 dead bookmark checker extensions for Chrome which you can use to check for dead links in your Chrome bookmarks. Having a dead link in bookmarks can be quite annoying when you need to visit a bookmark, only to find that the website to which the bookmark points to no longer works. People with hundreds of bookmarks might want to do some spring cleaning.

Extensions from the list down below will help you do exactly that.

Bookmark Checker

dead bookmark checker extensions chrome 1

Bookmark Checker can be seen in action on the image above. After clicking on the top right corner icon, which the extension puts there, a scanner configuration wizard will open up in a new window.

Using this wizard, it’s possible to setup response timeout in seconds (amount of time after which if it passes the website is considered dead), types of links that are going to be filtered and how much CPU threads should be used during the scan. Extension looks for completely dead links (404 errors) but also singles out a special group of links called “Other Errors” where some kind of error happened, but the extension isn’t sure what exactly went wrong. Found dead links can be deleted all at once or each link individually.

Get Bookmark Checker.

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Dewey Bookmarks

dead bookmark checker extensions chrome 2

Dewey Bookmarks is a bookmark management extension for Chrome which will help you do much more than just find dead bookmarks. It supports tagging, sorting, grouping and bookmark search. It does all these things using a simple grid-like bookmark manager. All the links from your bookmarks are going to be showed in a grid with thumbnails.

Manager that Dewey has can be seen in action on the image above. What’s interesting to us and what makes this a dead bookmark checker extension is the loading animation on bookmark thumbnails. The loading animation signifies that there’s something wrong with link and that it’s probably dead. Scroll through your bookmarks on the Dewey grid and look for the ones with loading animation. Those are probably dead links.

Get Dewey Bookmarks.


dead bookmark checker extensions chrome 3

SuperSorter is another bookmark manager that doesn’t just stop at finding dead and broken bookmarks. It comes with a whole heap of other tools which are going to help you clean out your bookmarks from duplicates, delete empty folders, sort the bookmark list automatically and more.

To setup a bookmark optimization job with SuperSorter you just need to open up its setting, put check marks next to the tweaks that you want to see applied and after that just click on the top right corner icon. It’s also possible to setup automatic bookmark optimizations, which will run every X number of minutes.

Get SuperSorter.

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When it comes to dead bookmark checker extensions, at least the ones from the list above, the one that works best in my opinion is Bookmark Checker. Others that I covered are good at what they do, but Bookmark Checker specializes in dead bookmark checking, so go with Bookmark Checker first and then move on to others if it doesn’t help you narrow in on all the dead links in your bookmarks.

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