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InstantType is a free text insertion software that lets you insert pre-defined phrases of text by just typing their abbreviations. For example, I can define an abbreviation as “fs”, and use InstantType to replace it with “free software” whenever I type this abbreviation.

InstantType lets you easily define abbreviations, and corresponding replacement text for them. It then tracks your keystrokes for those abbreviations. Whenever it sees that you have typed a pre-defined abbreviation in any application, it will replace it with corresponding text.


InstantType works with all the applications in which you type text, like, Word processors, email clients, browsers, and more. If you frequently use some long phrases, then InstantType is a good text insertion software to have on your PC. InstantType is completely free.

Also check out some text auto complete software, like, A.I. Type, and eType.

Download InstantType here.

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