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eType is free text auto complete application that allows you to write more conveniently and faster than your normal sped. This freeware shows you suggestions as you type. You can quickly pick one of the suggested words to complete text. This text auto complete application works with all the software. You can use this in word processors, web applications, or any other applications. eType detects what you are typing, and quickly shows you related suggestions.

eType automatically completes your word and helps you to complete your work faster. Moreover while auto completing your word, it suggests a list of words that fit into the unfinished spelling and along with the suggestions it also mentions the translation of the word in your native language. So that when you choose the word for your text, you use right word and know the meaning of the word correctly. Other applications we reviewed with auto complete feature are A. I. Type, and TED Notepad.

The application is free of cost and very easy to download. The freeware is light weight and most of all can be used with most of popular programs and web browser. The program offers you to type your text easily without much wasting time looking for the right word.

The application is equipped with online multi lingual dictionary that helps you to search for right word along with the meaning in your native language. This feature of this applications makes it distinguished and popular. The application auto complete your words so that you can complete your write ups faster and also keeps check on your spellings for mistakes and you can produce spelling error free text.


What does eType do?

  • Completes your words, while typing
  • Translates to your native language
  • Prevents spelling mistakes

The application is faster and is compatible with many of the programs and web browser so that you can use this application whether you are writing mail or preparing any word doc. The application will help you to complete your work faster and boost your confidence level as you know the translation of the words correctly and prevents you from making mistakes and avoids poor writing.

As the freeware works with full integration with many of the word processing programs and web browser, so you can continue using this application whether you are using MS Word, Outlook or Gmail. Not only does the application integrates with web browsers but also gels along with web sites and web pages, if at all you are writing anything in the online web pages. Thus you can use this application when you are using your Facebook account, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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The freeware does not only simply auto completes words for you nor does simply check spellings for you, offers you translations to words in your native language so you can be sure you are choosing the right word at the right time. The application has unique online dictionary that helps you to choose correct word along with the naïve translation. You will be benefited by the translators the application provides, as you can choose correct word and avoid errs and mistakes.

eType presents you with the list of suggestions while you type, you can quickly choose the word that suits your text and you can also look for the translations in dozens of languages. Thus you can focus on your writing and relieve yourself from worries that you may face when you write, whether it’s due to timing or spelling or language. More of all, you get this features in single application without having to open additional applications or software.

Download eType here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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