How To Extract All Images from Animated PNG (APNG)

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This tutorial explains how to extract all images from animated PNG. An APNG (or animated PNG) is similar to animated GIF. It contains multiple frames to make a single animated PNG. When you want to see or save all those frames as still images, then it can be done with a very simple software, known as “APNG Disassembler“.

This is a very basic software but successfully extracts all the frames from an animated PNG file. All the output images are saved as still PNG images in the same folder where the input file is stored. You will not be able to set destination folder of your choice. Before generating the output images, you can also set the prefix for output file names.animated png extracted

In the screenshot above, you can see all the images extracted from an animated PNG with the help of this software.

Tip: An animated PNG looks like a still and single PNG file unless you play it with some animated PNG player or Firefox browser.

How To Extract All Images from Animated PNG?

Using APNG extractor software is extremely simple.

Step 1:Use this link to access homepage of this software and then grab its zip file.

Step 2: Extract that zip and then you will see apngdis_gui.exe file. You need to execute that file by double clicking on it.

Step 3: Now the small interface of this animated PNG extractor will open. It has only two options: enter the input APNG file and set the Output prefix of your choice.

APNG Disassembler software interface

Step 4: Click the Convert button. That’s it! Now the software will automatically extract all the frames or images of animated PNG and then it will save those frames as separate PNG files.

All the output PNG images are stored in the same folder where input APNG file is stored. There is no option to set the output folder, so PNG images are saved in the input file folder.

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The Verdict:

When you receive some APNG file from someone via email or some other source and want to extract all the images of that animated PNG, this software will definitely come in handy. It doesn’t come with extra options, but the task to save the still images from animated PNG is done very well.

Get this software.

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