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Verbosus is a free online service which offers various different tools for creating and managing scientific documents online. What this free online scientific document manager relies on are online LaTeX and Octave text editors, not only that but also iOS and Android apps for creating scientific documents, which you can use to easily create LaTeX documents on both desktop and portable devices.

Verbosus default window

Similar software: TexMaker, L2RTF.

LaTex editor that you can use online, inside your web browser can be seen on the screenshot above. Editor is located in the top left corner of the screen, while down below you’re gonna see a list of files that you’ve uploaded and saved to your account. Above the editor you can see a very small toolbar which you can use to quickly insert text formating, tables and custom templates of your own. Key features of Verbosus – free online LaTex and Octave editor are:

  • Free and simple to use online scientific document editor with storage
  • LaTeX text editor – create and write using the LaTeX markup language
  • Octave – perform mathematical calculations using Matlab syntax
  • Supported file types: TEX, JPG, PNG, BMP, BST, STY, M, etc
  • Offers 40MB of free space and storage of over 4 of each file type
  • Supports uploading of images, documents, resources and log files
  • Templates – create document templates – for quicker editing
  • Editor allows you to quickly insert tables, edit formatting, etc.
  • Generate and export created scientific texts as PDF document
  • Web based – requires web browser – iOS and Android apps available

Next to the free version of Verbosus, you can also upgrade to a paid account where you get more storage and where you can create and store unlimited number of documents. Both Octave and LaTeX editors comes with examples of their respective syntaxes that you need to use in order to write scientific documents and mathematical calculations, respectively. Here’s a few pointers though, to help you get started with the basics.

How to write scientific documents and mathematical calculations using Verbosus – free online LaTeX and Octave editor

First you need to register. After registration you can login and in the top right corner you can either select the LaTeX editor, which can be seen above, or the Octave mathematical calculation editor, pictured below.

Verbosus Octave working

LaTeX we’ve already covered, use the toolbar on top to format text down below. Read through the example of LaTeX markup from the default document.

Verboses generating document

To generate PDF documents of the texts and mathematical calculations that you’ve created, in the bottom right corner of the screen there should be a Generate PDF button. Click it and you’ll be able to save your creation.


Verbosus is perfect for college students who need to have access to LaTeX editor for creating scientific documents and Matlab syntax powered mathematical calculator for conduction calculations. We only covered the basics of how to use Verbosus, for more details on how to actually use the syntax of the available tools, you’re gonna have to read their documentation. When you take into consideration that there’s iOS and Android apps, this is really one great package. Give it a try. Free download.

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