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Cuutio is a set of online search engine optimization tools which webmasters can use in order to see where exactly their website stands in search engine rankings, and also to monitor what the rankings of their competition is. SEO analytics offered by Cuutio are free for one website and for up to 10 keywords researched. There are a lot of different tools packed in the Cuutio service:

  • Keyword History & Analytics
  • Competitor Overview
  • SEO Competition
  • Google Comparison
  • Traffic Sources
  • My Inbound Links
  • Inbound Links Analytics

Registration is necessary before you’ll be able to use Cuutio service, and during registration you’re gonna have to configure the website who’s SEO position you’d like to check and monitor. Don’t worry it’s possible to change data later on when you login into your Cuutio account.

Cuutio default window

This is the default window that waits for you after you’ve registered with Cuutio and after you’ve logged into your account. There’s no information shown because some time needs to pass after you’ve created your account and started using the service for the data to start coming in. Search engine ranking position or SERP is very important thing to know, track and improve, and every webmaster should take a note of it, Cuutio can help you out a lot in that department.

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Free search engine ranking position tracking with Cuutio

To start checking and tracking if your website is properly optimized for search engines, you’re gonna have to add the keywords that you’re interested in tracking, you do this in the My Keywords tab:

Cuutio my keywords adding

Limitation of the free account would be that you can only add up to 10 keywords which you can track and monitor. To add a keyword, click on the Add button seen at the top of the application window, enter the keywords that you’d like to track together with the language of the keyword and then hit Add. If everything is properly configured you should start receiving the SEO statistics in a few days.

Cuutio competition tracking

SEO has become a very though industry and if you want to stay ahead and keep your website at the top, you also need to keep track of what competition does. You can also do this with the help of Cuutio, simply click on the Competitors tab, hit Add Competitor fill out everything that’s asked from you and them simply sit back and wait to start receiving data, what the SERP of your competition is.

Cuutio traffic sources

Cuutio wouldn’t be a SEO monitoring service if there weren’t tools which you can use in order to monitor what kind of traffic sources and what kind of inbound links your website has. To check this click on the Traffic Source tab, and there you should see, once that the data is updated, information on what kind of traffic and from where it is coming to your website. If you are looking for a tool that you can use in order to assist you in keeping up to date with the SERP of your website, you should then start using Cuutio. Free search engine ranking analytics.

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