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PocketCloud Web is a browser version of the previously mentioned remote administration utility PocketCloud Remote Desktop which you can use in order to access remote PCs from any browser in just a few clicks. The same client application is used for both the PocketCloud Remote Desktop, which you can use to access remote computers with your smartphone or a tablet, and the Web version, only with PocketCloud Web you’re accessing remote computers with the help of a web browser.

PocketCloud Web default window

Currently PocketCloud Web is in a limited beta and you can only use it if you are invited, requests can be made on the main page whose link is down below. Two things are required from you to start using PocketCloud Web, you need to install the PocketCloud Desktop Companion, which is the desktop client of this remote administration utility, and you’ll also gonna need a Gmail account, because it’s used as an ID for your computer through which you’ll give access. Some of the more interesting features found in PocketCloud Web would be:

  • Share files from your computer easily with Cloudbin
  • Access images, photos and music remotely from any where in the world
  • Create, delete and move shared folders and files
  • Remote connection is very secure and encrypted
  • All the major browsers are supported – Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari

Before you’ll be able to access your computer remotely, you’re first gonna have to install and configure the previously mentioned client application, which isn’t that hard to do. For web access there’s no need to configure ports or firewalls, setup is very easy.

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How to access files remotely with PocketCloud Web

First thing that you should do is install the remote desktop client, which can be downloaded from the PocketCloud Web. When you’re done with installation, the main application is gonna ask you to login with your Google Account, and then it’s gonna start running in the system tray.

PocketCloud Web client and access

By opening up the Preferences from the right click tray icon menu, you’ll be able to change your Gmail account, or enter details if you haven’t during the registration, and what’s more important, under the Folder Settings you can assign which folders are gonna be shared. When you’re ready, right click on the tray icon again and then select the Launch PocketCloud Web option to open up the online interface.

PocketCloud Web browser access

You can visit this address from anywhere in the world, all the major browsers are supported and as long as your computer is working when you click on Start and when you login to your Gmail account, you should be able to access and manage files on your computer, regardless of where you are in the world.


The PocketCloud Web is a great way of how you can access your computer remotely and easily view, manage and edit files. It’s great when you are at work and would like to access files and documents which are stored on your home computer. Request your invite now or wait for this free web service to get out of beta and become accessible to everyone.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac
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