Free Service To Share Cloud Storage With Friends: EntourageBox

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EntourageBox is a free web-based service that allows you to share cloud storage with your friends. It’s a simple and easy to use service that works with Amazon S3 Bucket, DropBox, and Google Drive, and lets you share any of them by inviting friends to upload files to the shared folders under these cloud services. EntourageBox is extremely handy and does it all in just three easy steps! And moreover, it doesn’t charge you anything, not even a single penny!

The concept of the service is pretty simple. There are many free online services available which provide you this great facility to backup and store your data online, however not all of them allow you to share that space with your friends. Though sometimes you might require offering your cloud space to other people so that they can upload files directly to that, without having you to get them downloaded through any file hosting service in case the file size exceeds.

EntourageBox takes some of these well-known services to one step ahead and lets you share cloud storage by inviting people to upload file to your personal space. Let’s see how this whole process works.

entouragebox interface

Share Cloud Storage using EntourageBox:

Using EntourageBox is extremely easy and won’t take much time to execute cloud space sharing. You can go to the service homepage using the link given at the end of this section and see how simple and easy it is to share cloud storage using EntourageBox through the diagrammatic instructions given at the top .

So basically all you have to do is to choose the cloud storage you want to share (from Amazon S3 Bucket, DropBox, or Google Drive), authorize EntourageBox to use your cloud account, and then finally enter a valid folder name from your drive that you want to share.

entouragebox choosing service

Next, a link will be generated for that folder using which you invite friends to upload files to your cloud account. Now once your friends click on that link, they will be provided with a samll licence agreement accepting which they start adding and uploading files to the shared folder.

entouragebox link

Whichever documents or file they upload, will reflect in your cloud space. See how simple and easy is that? Now let’s have a look on key features of EntourageBox.

Key Features of EntourageBox:

  • Free service to share cloud storage.
  • Works with Amazon S3 Bucket, DropBox, and Google Drive.
  • Supports all file formats for upload.
  • Can upload multiple files together.entouragebox file upload
  • Cancel/delete file uploading.
  • Generate links to download the uploaded files.
  • Extremely simple.
  • Easy to use.

The Final Verdict:

EntourageBox is a nice free service to share cloud storage for uploading documents and files by other people. It’s simple and handy, and charges nothing for inviting people to upload files to your cloud storage. Check it out now and give it a try!

Check out EntourageBox here!

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