Synchronize Local Files with Amazon S3 with Amazon S3 Synchronizer

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Update 2022: This software doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use SyncPro instead.

Amazon S3 Synchronizer is a free software to synchronize local folders with Amazon S3 bucket. You can install this free software on your PC, and it will sync files in local folder with files in Amazon S3.

You generally have very important files on your computer and even you can’t think of losing them. So we keep a backup of those important files by writing them to CD’s or using external hard disks, or backup in cloud by using services like Dropbox and Mozy.

Amazon S3 is a leading cloud storage service at present. It has a free tier program in which you are given 5GB of storage space, 15GB monthly transfer limit and some other restrictions. It has also a paid program in which the price depends on how much you store and how much you use. (This is different than the Amazon Cloud Drive which is purely meant for online file storage.)

One of the big limitations of Amazon S3 is that it does not comes with a decent desktop program to keep your files in local folders in sync with Amazon S3. But there are some good desktop clients available for free, like, Gladinet Desktop, and Cloudberry Explorer. Amazon S3 Synchronizer is another free desktop client for Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 synchronizer is a very small application which synchronizes you selected local folder with Amazon S3 account.

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How to Sync Local Folder with Amazon S3:

There are two options in this software. You can sync two local folders or a local folder and a Amazon S3 account.


Screenshot - 10-01-2012 , 23_58_15

You can see there are two options in Destination. Select ‘Another local folder’. Then click browse and select folder. Then click ‘Sync Files Now…’ button. That’s all the two folders are synchronized.


Screenshot - 10-01-2012 , 23_58_32

Now select Amazon S3 Bucket. Then two blanks come up as shown above. Now go to your Amazon S3 account and find your ‘Aws KeyId’ and ‘Aws secret’. Then Bucket option enables and you can select a previously created bucket or you can create a new one. Now click exchange (2-way) to synchronise both of them. You can also select Upload and Download option as per your requirement. Then click ‘Sync Files Now…’. Your synchronisation completes.

One of the limitations of this program is that the synchronization has to be done manually, and it does not keeps files synced automatically.

So, this software helps you to easily upload or download or synchronise you Amazon S3 account with your computer. If you have a Amazon S3 account then you must use this. One of the best features is the size of the program is just 73Kb. So it nearly takes very less resources. Download and try today.

NOTE: Aws id and Aws key are like username and password. These credentials are required to login into your Amazon S3 account.

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