How to Fake Current GPS Location on Android

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This tutorial demonstrates how to fake current GPS location on Android.

In this tutorial, I am going to show how you can fake current GPS location on your Android phone. For this, I will use a free Android app called “Fake GPS Location Spoofer“, which lets you easily alter your GPS coordinates and change your current location into a fake location. You can simply open the app and select any location of your choice to make that location as your current GPS location. It only changes your location into a fake one which can be seen on different apps like Google Maps, MapsToMe, and many other location sharing apps.

Using Fake GPS Location Spoofer is probably one of the simplest ways to fake your GPS location on Android phone without using VPN apps for Android.

fake current GPS location

How to Fake GPS Location on Android:

Step 1: After installing this app, simply go to phone Settings →Developer Options and then enable the option “Allow Mock Locations” on your Android phone. If you’re using Android 6.0 and higher, then you need to go to phone Settings →Developer Options →Select Mock Location App and choose the app as FakeGPS Free. To make the app work properly, you also need to disable the “High Accuracy” option in your phone’s Location settings and select the option “Device Only” instead.

enable mock location

Step 2: When you’re done with the above step, simply open up the app and you will see a map with the location search options at the top. You can use the search function to search for any specific location which you want to make as your fake GPS location. As an example, I have searched for Las Vegas in order to change my current location to it.

search for location

Step 3: After the location is displayed on the map, simply double tap on it to drop a location pin. As soon as you do that, it will display a popup with the address details of the location pin. At the bottom of the screen, there will be two different buttons: “Play” and “Stop”, which can be used to enable and disable fake GPS location on your phone. When you’ve placed the location pin, simply hit the “Play” button to change your current location into the fake one. You will also see a message “Fake Location Engaged” at the bottom, which indicates that the location has been changed by this app. If you want to put back your actual location, then simply open the app and tap on the “Stop” button.

play fake location

Step 4: To check whether your current GPS location is changed or not on your Android phone, simply open up any of the location-based apps such as Google Maps, MapsToMe, Glimpse, etc. After that, whatever fake GPS location you have selected will be shown on the map of these apps. For example, I have used Google Maps to check whether my current location is changed to Las Vegas or not, as I have selected Las Vegas as my fake GPS location.

google map

My Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a way to fake your current GPS location on your Android phone, then this tutorial can help you do that with ease. I have explained how to fake GPS location using the free Android app “Fake GPS Location Spoofer”. It is a simple app which lets you choose any location on the map and then engage it as your current GPS location.

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