5 Best Free Location Sharing Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Location Sharing Apps for Android. These apps allow you to share your geographical location on Social Networking Websites or with friends. Quite a few times it happens that you need to share your current location with someone, or just share your live location for a specific duration. In that case, these apps can come real handy to share your location in no time! In some apps, you don’t even need to install the app on the recipient’s phone to see the location, and the received link can be opened in a web browser instead. Go ahead! Take a look yourself!

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1. Glympse


Glympse is amongst the best live location sharing apps for Android, which allows you to share your Location instantly with a friend, or on a Social Network. All you need to do is start the app and then tap on Send Glympse, and you will be shown all possible sharing options on the screen. You can select recipients from your Social Networking accounts, which shall be a public post; or you can choose just any sharing, emailing or messaging app to send the URL with. Not just that, you can choose the validity of the URL, after which the live location won’t be shared anymore. Give it a try, the in-app interface and the webpage opened for viewing the shared location, both are pretty intuitive. Glympse is available for free on the Google Play Store.

2. Pathshare


Pathshare is another great option if you are hunting for location sharing apps for Android. Pathshare is a rather simple-to-use app, with the direct focus on sharing your location as soon as you open it up. Just tap on the globe, and you will be asked to set your name for the first time, the name of the Location sharing session, and then the duration of the session that you want the recipients (or participants) to see it for. Once you enter the Map view, just tapping on the share button and selecting any Sharing app is enough to achieve what you want. Your friend will then get a URL, which can be opened in any browser to see your Live location. Pretty neat, eh? Head over to the Play Store and get it then!

3. Family Locator

Family Locator

Family Locator is a pretty neat app, not really meant for Social location sharing, but for sharing your location among different members of a family. All that the family members need to do is install the app and then join the same group. And then, all of them can mutually see each other’s location. The interface of the app is intuitive and leaves little to be desired. You can add different family members by their email id, and you can also create an invitation code which can then be entered on any of the other family members’ apps to be a member of the family group. Family Locator is available for free on the Play Store so you should definitely give it a try.

4. Google+


You might or might not know this, but the Google+ app can be used for location sharing with your friends or family. All you need to do, is dig a little deeper into the Google+ app, and select the people you want to share your location with. Those friends shall then be able to see your live location at any time they wish. You virtually don’t even need to tweak any settings afterwards, but will be able to share pinpoint location with any individual that you select! You should take a look at this tutorial to know more about this feature in Google+.

5. GPS to SMS


GPS to SMS is one nifty tool among location sharing apps. It is a minimalistic app which doesn’t really offer as many features as certain other apps in this list do, but it sure is handy if you simply want to share your pin-point location with someone instantly. The location is sent in the form of latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, as an SMS or through any other messaging app installed on your phone, and can be opened in the Google Maps app on the recipients’ phone directly. Not to mention the ‘cool’ factor associated with coordinates! GPS to SMS is available for free on the Play Store. You can read its detailed review here.

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You have hereby reached the end of this list of 5 Best Free Location Sharing Apps for Android. You can suggest any other apps that you know of, in the comments section below.

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