Send Your GPS Location Via SMS on Android

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GPS to SMS for Android is an app which allows you to send your Location to anyone via an SMS. The SMS text just contains your current Location Coordinates determined via GPS satellites. The app is extremely simple to use and you can directly send the Coordinates to any saved Contact or a Phone Number. You can also save Coordinates for specific locations within the app. And if SMS is not your thing these days, you can share your coordinates to other Social Networking or Instant Messaging apps as well. Read on to find more.

Location Coordinates


And by the way, you can check out this article here if you want to track someone’s location. You can also check out this tutorial if you want to share your Live location using Google Plus instead.

Send your Location Coordinates with GPS to SMS for Android

Once you launch the app, you will be greeted with a simple layout. You just have to enter the Phone number or select the Contact you want to send your Current location to. Tapping the Contact icon on the left of the input field (highlighted in the screenshot below) will open up the Contact selector. The Location Coordinates, on the other hand, are automatically determined the moment that you open the app. Sometimes it might take a while in determining your current location but you need to keep the device still for a few moments.

GPS to SMS Screenshots

The app also has a dedicated menu where you can see all the Saved, Sent and Received Coordinates. This is a good way to keep track of all the sent and received coordinates and app usage scenarios. You just need to tap on the icon on top right to access these.

Settings in GPS to SMS for Android

Location Coordinates Settings

The app has a handful of settings options which can be tweaked to change the app experience and other tweaks (see the screenshot above). You can also use the Settings menu to change the format of the sent Coordinates in the Text messages by switching to Navitel format.


GPS to SMS for Android is a great app if you want to send your location instantly to someone. The SMS functionality allows for great convenience since it doesn’t require the recipient to be on the same Social Networking Platform or using the same Messaging Service. And, if you do have that contact on other services, you can always use the handy ‘Share’ button. The only bug that I noticed in this app is that it took a long while to determine my location in certain scenarios. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store so it won’t cost a dime if you try it. Come on, click on the link attached below and try it out!

Get SMS to GPS for Android

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