5 Geography Quiz Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 geography quiz apps for Android which you can use to test your geography knowledge using your Android powered tablet or smartphone. We all like to think that we know our stuff when it comes to continents, countries, capitals, etc. Apps from the following list will put that theory to a test. Even if you don’t know enough to beat them, these quiz apps can help you learn about the geography, since most of them tell you what the correct answer is (that’s how you learn).

Let’s look at these apps below.

Geography Quiz Game

geography quiz apps Android 2

Geography Quiz Game brings a great mix of quizzes where you’ll need to guess country flags, country borders, famous monuments, official languages, major cities and lots of other types of questions.

Quizzes can be set up to consist from either 10, 25 or 50 questions. If you give the wrong answer 5 times you have to start all over again. How many questions you answer, how fast you answer determines the number of points and your high score. Log in with Facebook to share your score with your friends.

Get Geography Quiz Game.

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz

geography quiz apps Android 3

GeoQuiz by Brain Cafe offers pretty much the same selection of quizzes that can be found in Geography Quiz Game.

Here you also get multiple choice questions, and the goal is obviously to correctly answer as many questions as you possibly can. Types of questions that you get vary but next to the standard country capitals, state borders, there’s also questions that focus on national monuments, parks, etc.

Get Brain Cafe |  GeoQuiz.

World Citizen: Geography Quiz

geography quiz apps Android 4

World Citizen: Geography Quiz has 6 different game modes that you can play. They are country & flag, capital & flag, country & capital, capital & country, flag & country, flag & capital.

Quiz questions are multiple choice, and the high scores that you get are shared online. The more accurate you are and the faster that you answer the more points you’ll get and higher on the leaderboards you’ll go.

Get World Citizen: Geography Quiz.

Geography Quiz Game 3D

geography quiz apps Android 5

Geography Quiz Game 3D is a competitive 3D geography quiz, where you travel through a 3D map and answer questions about country borders, state capitals, natural sights, monuments and more.

The 3D part can be seen when your figurines are traveling through the globe. Each move will land you into a different country where to progress further you need to answer geography questions. You play against 3 other players.

Get Geography Quiz Game 3D.

Also have a look at Android Geography Game to Learn Geography By Competing in Online Match.

Geo Quiz

geography quiz apps Android 6

Geo Quiz is a simplistic geography quiz app that’s perfect for older devices with small amount of storage, given that it’s only a few MB in size.

There’s no fancy 3D maps here, but the quiz is still very fun and educational. There are 3 different game modes, guess the flag (from country name), guess the flag (from country capital), guess country name (by looking at border shape).

Get Geo Quiz.


The last geography app from the list, Geo Quiz, is very interesting to me because of its simplicity and ease of use. Geography Quiz Game 3D is a great alternative on the opposite end, with all the advanced gameplay and 3D graphics. Let me know which geography quiz apps you like from the list above in comments down below.

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