Android Geography Game to Learn Geography By Competing in Online Match

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Where is it? is a small free multi-player Android game that can be played Online. The game shoots questions that test your Geographical knowledge. The way these questions are presented is also quite interesting: A map is shown on the screen and the game asks both of you (you and your opponent, selected randomly from the pool of online players) about the location of a particular place on the World Map. You need to touch the screen (or specifically, the location on the map) where you think that location is and the same is done by your randomly chosen opponent. Each question has to be answered in 10 seconds. The person who gives the correct answer gets the points. If both people are right, both of them get the points.

Where is it Quesions

As mentioned earlier, it is an online multi player game. The game chooses another player for you, with you being denoted by Yellow color, and the opponent by Blue color. The way questions are asked is really simple, for example, the game provides you with a map of Europe on the screen and asks you “Where is Ireland on the map?”, and within 12 seconds you have to tap on Ireland’s location, ditto for the other player. Whoever is right, gets the points.

Your answer is highlighted in Yellow, the other player’s would be highlighted in Blue and the right answer will be highlighted in Green.


The game is structured in form of a match, which has three rounds. Each round has three questions. Overall total of the three rounds determines the winner.

Here is how each round proceeds:

  • The game shows name of country and you have to pick the country on the map. Apart from picking the right country, you also need to pick it quickly. The sooner you pick, more points you get.
  • After that, game asks you to find a city in that country. Again you get points for finding it quickly.
  • Third question is a multiple choice question in which you are shown a question with four options. You have to find the correct one.

Scores from each round are added and the winner is declared.

Enough with the details, let’s play the damn thing!

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How to play Where is It? on your Android

The game is compatible with all the Android versions, even the download size is reasonable with somewhere around 12 MB.

Step 1: As soon as you get started with the game , you are provided with three options: Training, Play, Ranking, and Settings. Except the settings option, all of the rest will require you to access through your Google account. Just select your Google account and get started.

Where is it

Step 2: When you select the “Play” option a series of windows will follow that teaches you how to play the game. Then the game starts with the AI looking for the player online to compete with you.

Where is it looking for opponent

Step 3: You are highlighted as the Yellow Player and the other as the Blue player. You touch the point on the map and answer the Where is it? question asked. Your answer will be highlighted with Yellow and the other player’s with Blue and the right answer will be highlighted in Green after the time is over.

where is it players

Apart from all this, you can even play the game with your friend provided your friend has the game installed. You can check the person with best score on the game and compare it with yours.That’s all to this game folks.

My Opinion of this Geography game for Android:

If you are trying to learn Geography, then this game can get you started quickly. After playing this game just for a few minutes, I knew location of some countries as well as some cities. Not bad. I guess if I play just for a few minutes daily, I might be a pro in geography soon.

Overall, I really like this game. It is well designed, nicely executed, and doesn’t lets you get bored.

Get Free Where Is It? For Android Here or scan the QR code below:

Android game QR Code

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Works With: Android 4.0 and up
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