5 Best Guitar Apps for Android

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The Article below lists 5 Best Guitar Apps for Android. These apps allow you to play Guitar on your Android device with the help of virtual strings on the screen. These Guitar apps can be used for fun, or even for learning different chords if you are learning to Play the Guitar. Most of these Guitar apps have advanced options which can be tweaked as well — a lot similar to the way you can do with a real Guitar. Ready to go mobile with your Guitar lessons? Scroll down and take a look at these apps yourself!

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1. Guitar+


Guitar+ is one of the best Guitar Apps for Android. Guitar+ has different modes within the settings menu which allow you to switch between various modes. You can choose the Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, or Rock Guitar, and the sound profiles will be loaded accordingly. You can also switch between Learn to Play, Sing a Song, Magic Chords, and Switch Chords mode; and Tablet users will be happy to know that the app does have a toggle for a tablet interface. The interface is elegant and further customization is possible by switching between the available skins. And southpaws would be happy as well, since the app has a lefty mode too! Guitar+ is available for free on the Google Play Store.

2. Real Guitar Free

Real Guitar

Real Guitar, as the name suggests, tries to emulate the features of a real guitar. You would be shown the Guitar chords on launch, and their behavior can be tweaked at will. There is a hamburger sidebar icon which reveals other options. You can choose between two guitars, and change between Solo Mode and Chords mode. And then there is this really handy Chords Library Menu which can be helpful if you want to learn chords for Specific songs. Another side-menu also gives you the option to switch between finger-strumming, or choose one of the three picks. Real Guitar for Android is available for free on the Google Play Store.

3. Perfect Guitar

Perfect Guitar

Perfect Guitar is another app which deserves its entry on this list of the best guitar apps, on the basis of its elegance alone. Perfect Guitar has various menus like Chords, Solo, Listen, Discovery, and Records Manager. Jumping back and forth between them is extremely easy. Perfect Guitar also has external midi keyboard support over USB. Want to tweak the sound output of the ‘guitar’? You can choose between Nylon, Steel String, Clean Electric and Overdrive guitars. Advanced users can dig-in deep to the in-app settings to tweak certain other things as well! You can get Perfect Guitar from the Play Store for the awesome price of free!

4. Power Guitar HD

Power Guitar HD

Power Guitar HD is a somewhat different app in terms of aesthetics and interface. You can see all the chords of the Guitar right on the start screen. But you might be expecting a Guitar-like string interface as well, which you won’t find here at all. Base-guitarists, this one has controls specifically dedicated to you, right on the main screen. The app also has Demo Riffs which can be loaded on. Touching and holding on the two icons on the bottom can be done for Palm Mute and Solo as well. Head over to the Play Store now to get Power Guitar HD for free.

5. My Guitar

My Guitar

My Guitar is a customizable, feature-rich app for music enthusiasts, that lets you create tunes on the go. You are shown all the Guitar strings when you launch the app. There is small menu bar on top that can be accessed by swiping from the screen edge or tapping on the arrow icon. From here, you can change the guitar, which will also tune the audio accordingly. You can also select the play mode from four options — Solo, Tap, Chords, and C+Tap. Recording any Guitar tune is easy as well! You should also check out the full review of My Guitar from here.

That’s all for now! I hope this list of 5 Best Guitar Apps for Android proved helpful for you. You can drop your comments below to share your favorite from the above list.

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