5 Free Guitar Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free guitar apps for iPhone. You can use these apps to play guitar anywhere at anytime. These apps contain different types of guitars for both left and right handed users so that you don’t have to face any problem in playing them. Some of the apps also let you record the tunes played by you for listening and sharing it later with your friends.

Tip: Before you start trying any of these apps, I would like to give you a tip that do plug-in your earphones if you want to get a better and real guitar like experience.

1. Guitar! By Smule:

Guitar! by Smule

Guitar! by Smule is the first guitar app for iPhone in the list. This is one of the best apps for playing guitar. The app lets you play guitar either in Freestyle or on recorded songs. In Freestyle, you can play any tune of your choice while in the second way you have to play the tune of the song which is being played by the app. You can also save the tunes played by you. The app does give a brief tutorial to explain you how to play the tune on recorded songs. You receive Smule coins on successfully completion of the tune. The app has 3 songs in free version in the Songbook section while the rest of the songs can be unlocked by either using Smule coins or by upgrading to paid version.

Get the Guitar! by Smule app here.

2. Real Guitar Free:

Real Guitar Free

The second guitar app for iPhone is Real Guitar Free. The app has two types of guitars for you to choose: Nylon and Steel Strings. Both these guitars have two variants, one for right handed user and other for left handed users. The app has a wide collection of different chords which you can use to play the tune of your choice. You can also choose from 3 type of flatpicks for playing the guitar. The app also has feature of Solo Mode.

Get the Real Guitar Free app here.

3. Guitar Room:

Guitar Room

Guitar Room is the third app in the list. It provides you with 8 different types of guitars out of which 1 guitar is available for use in free version. The best feature of this app is that it syncs with popular cloud sharing website SoundCloud. This feature lets you record and share your tunes with rest of the World. You can also hear the tunes uploaded on SoundCloud by other users, rate them, and add them to your Cloud Favorites section in the app. All the tunes uploaded on the SoundCloud are categorized under following categories: Top 200, Most Recent, My Region, and Other.

Get the Guitar Room app here.

4. iAmGuitar:


iAmGuitar is a free guitar app for iPhone which provides you with 3 free guitars for playing your favorite tunes. The app lets you customize the tempo and song keys to help you get the desired tune. You can mix bass and drum effects to your guitar tunes to make them even more awesome while listening. Apart from this, you can record your tunes for listening to them later.

Get ther iAmGuitar app here.

5. Epic Guitar:

Epic Guitar

The Epic Guitar app comes with 2 different guitars in the free version: Acoustic Guitar and Banjo Guitar. The app also has Electric and Bass Guitar but they can be accessed only with paid version. It is a simple guitar app without many tools and features except for the recording feature. The recorded tunes get saved within the app. This app can prove to be good for those who are looking for a guitar app only for entertainment purpose rather than the professional purpose.

Get the Epic Guitar app here.

This was the list of 5 free guitar apps for iPhone compiled by me. Checkout these apps to create your favorite or any other tune and who knows that you might be able to impress your crush or anyone else close to you.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 2.2]
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