10 Free Expense Manager Apps For Android

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Here, are 10 free expense manager apps for Android. Expense Manager is very good idea to keep track and manage our financial transactions. Google Play Store has many expense manager apps to install and manage expenses on Android.

In this article, we will discuss about 10 best free expense manager apps for Android which include Expense Manager; one of the most popular app in Google Play Store, Daily Expense Manager app; one of the simplest app, Money Lover  – Expense Manager app, and more.

If you have an iPhone, then you can take a look at expense manager apps for iPhone.

Expense Manager:

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is a free Android app to record and manage expenses on Android. This Android expense manager app makes your expense management easier and convenient. The app is simple and easy to manage. You just have to add your total income and all expenses category wise. The app automatically calculates the current balance left after deducting all the expenses. While recording the expenses, this expense manager needs some details of each expense like its amount, payee, category of expense, payment method, reference/check no., and description of the expense (if any). On the basis of these details, the app prepares a graph or pie chart to show all your expenses and income. This makes you understand your financial transaction in a more clear and easy way.

With the help of graphs and pie chart, you can easily know about the improvement area and the key area where you can save few bucks, and increase your income. The app acts as guide, which you can access at any point of time when you are on your way and a manage your expenses efficiently on Android.

The good part of this Android Expense Manager app is its tools provided to make your expense management more easy. Tools include basic calculator for simple calculations, currency converter, sales and tax calculator, tip calculator, credit card payoff calculator. Also, you can secure the app with a secure password so that no one can access your income and expenses recorded in the app. The app even allows you to sync with Dropbox.

Money Lover – Expense Manager:

Money Lover

Money Lover – Expense Manager is a free Android expense manager app to record expenses and incomes to manage them on Android. You can record all your expenses and incomes and manage it with ease. You just have to create an account, add total income and you are done with. After creating the account, you can add transactions which includes your expenses. Not only expenses, you can also add incomes, receivables, and payables. After adding incomes and expenses, the app automatically calculates the balance left after deducting all the expenses. You can also add multiple accounts in the app, if you have multiple sources of income and the expenses of all the sources are different.

After maintaining or recording all the incomes and expenses, you can easily check the statistics prepared by the app basis on the incomes and expenses recorded. Like Expense Manager app above, Money Lover app also has tools which includes currency exchange, tip calculator, ATM finder, Bank finder, interest rate calculator, and money analysis tool.

Along with managing your income and expenses, you can also manage all your debts with Money Lover app for Android.

Daily Expense Finance Manager:

Daily Expense

Daily Expense Finance Manager is a free Android expense manager to record all the expenses and manage them on Android. This Android expense manager app is a truly a simple app that provides simple category option to record all your daily expenses. The view becomes simple when you see all your expenses into specific categories. You can view the list of all the expenses as date wise, month wise, and category wise. Also, the app gives you the option to record all the expenses in the currency of your choice. If you don’t find the appropriate category to add your expense, then you can easily create one and add the expense in that category.

You can check out the review on Daily Expense Finance Manager app for Android.

CWMoney Expense Track:


CWMoney Expense Track is a free Android app to track expense on Android. CWMoney is one of the famous finance manager, now for Android too. Also, CWMoney is an official Android app by CWMoney in Google Play Store. You can record your income and expenses in the app. You can then manage your expenses. The app shows the total of all the expenses on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Unlike other expense manager above, CWMoney does not calculates the difference of income and expenses. You can even check the reports in the form of pie-chart and monthly bar charts.

You can even create multiple accounts to manage your expenses and incomes individually. I don’t know why CWMoney app is so famous in Google Play Store as I didn’t find the app as useful as compared to other three apps as discussed above.

Hello Expense:

Hello Expense

Hello Expense is a free Android expense manager app that records and manages all the expenses on Android. The app is very simple and provides easy interface with number pad to record expenses. You cannot give the name to every expense. The app only allows you to create categories and then add expenses in the created categories. You can then view all your expenses altogether or category wise. While recording expenses you can easily switch between multiple currencies and then record expenses. Also, you can view all the data on daily basis, on week basis, month basis, and on year basis.

Apart from all these, the app creates a pie chart or a bar graph to view your data clearly. Pie charts and bar graphs in the app makes it easy for you to better understand your expenses.

AndroMoney Expense Track Money:


AndroMoney Expense Track Money is a free Android expense manager app to manage financial expenses on Android. You can record your expenses and incomes according to multiple categories. Categories in expenses include food, clothing, living, transportation, education, entertainment, personal 3C, car/motor, and more. Also, categories in income include salary, part-time job, pocket-money, repayment, others, and more. You can even add more categories of your choice under income and expense head. You can also record your transfers from cash to credit card or bank and vice-versa.

AndroMoney automatically calculates and shows the total of expenses and incomes. The app also calculates the difference of expenses out of the total income and shows the balance amount. With this Android expense app you can easily track all your expenses and income anytime when you are on your way and then take further actions accordingly.

While recording the amount of expenses and incomes, the app provides a simple calculator to calculate and record the basic expenses and incomes. Along with all these, the app prepares a pie chart, trend chart or bar chart to make your analysis easy and clear on Android.

Expense Manager By PSVSoftware:

Expense Manager App

Expense Manager is a free Android app to manage expense on Android. This expense manager app is a bit different app from all other apps mentioned above. The interface of the app looks nice and easy to understand. This app gives a clear view of the total of all the expenses and incomes. You can check the total incomes and expenses and of course the difference of income and expenses of the day, the week, and the month. You just have to tap on “Add” button and your are ready to add your expenses and income. Expense Manager app does not have any category of expense and income defined. You, yourself have to define the create the category and put the income or expense in the preferred category.

Apart from all these, you can also view all the expense and incomes altogether according to their dates and categories. The app even allows you to check out the total balance deducted from your account. Add budget to make the managing of all your incomes and expenses more easy. Like other expense manager apps, this Expense Manager app also shows graphical representation to make your view more easy and fast. With graphs you can see the level of the improvement and work accordingly.

iFreeBudget – Expense manager:


iFreeBudget is a free expense manager app for Android to maintain a record of incomes and expenses as per the week or month. The app is really useful to know your savings and improve it. You just have to record all your expenses and incomes on daily basis in right category. Now, on the basis of the family budget which you created, the app analyzes the difference of total actual expense and the total budgetary expenses. With this you will come to know that what was your expense target and what you actually spent. Also, if actual expense is less than the budgetary expense, then app will show the total saving done for the current month. You can then differentiate between the previous month and this month savings to know your improvement.

Expense Tracker:

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker is a free Android expense manager app to manage and track expense on Android. This Android expense manager app is a nice and simple app in Google Play Store to record all financial transactions and keep a track of all your expense. You just have top add expenses, select the appropriate category, and then you can check the total of all your expenses. You can even record the total income in the app. By recording the total income, the app automatically calculates the balance left in your account after the deduction of all your expenses. This helps you access the current account balance anywhere when you are on the way. You can then take the action accordingly in real-time.



MoneyWise is a free Android expense manager app for Android. MoneyWise is the simplest and useful tool to manage money in a simple way. The app makes the money management simpler by comparing the estimated budget with the actual expenses and income. You can easily know what you should do and what you are doing in terms of expenses and income. You just have to record daily expenses and select the category. The app will automatically calculate your saving which you can access at any point of time. Also, when you record any financial transaction, you can easily select the nature of the amount i.e., whether it is an income or expense. Apart from all these, you can also check graphical presentation of your incomes and expenses on Android.

Earlier also we have reviewed about 5 free expense manager apps for Android. I though that I should take a dig and enhance this expense manager apps to 10 best apps expense manager for Android.

If you find any other expense manager app for Android, then do let us know in comments below.

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