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Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app for Android developed by Bazzinga Labs. This alarm clock is different from the rest, as it makes sure that you are completely awake before it stops ringing. It makes use of Pedometer to make sure that you walk a definite number of steps before the alarm stops ringing. Although it has a typical Snooze button like in most Alarm clock apps, it has a mode where you can disable the Snooze button completely. The only way to stop the Alarm from ringing is to walk the number of steps that you have set in the settings of the alarm.

This is a very nice alarm clock as it makes sure that you are completely awake.

Walk me up! alarm clock icon

Features of this alarm clock app:

  • Walk me up! Alarm Clock has a very neat interface, and it is designed on the lines of the Holo theme (the stock theme of Android ICS/Jellybean), thereby giving it a more stock-ish look. When you launch this app, this app looks like the following screenshot.
    Walk me up alarm home screen
    As I already have created a few alarms, to activate them, I can simply click the tick next to the alarm that I wish to activate. When you want to create a new alarm, you have to click Add New Alarm.
  • When you click on the add new alarm button, the following screenshot will popup.
    Walk me up new alarm

    In this window, can click on Time (to set the time of alarm), Ringtone (to select the alarm ringtone), Select a song (to select a song on your device as your alarm tone), Vibrate (to set Vibration during alarm on/off), set the Repeat (set the days when you want to repeat the alarm), and also, you can set the Alarm Name. You can click on Revert to revert the changes, Delete to delete the alarm or click Done to save your alarm.(Note- Setting Vibrate to on may interfere may Pedometer settings, and steps may be calculated inaccurately on some devices.)
  • When you click on Quick Alarm at the bottom-right on the main page, the following window will pop up. Here you can quickly set after how much time you want the alarm to ring.Quick alarm
  • When the alarm starts ringing, you will see the following screen, and you have to walk the displayed number of steps before the alarm stops. You can however, snooze the alarm. (see screenshot below)Alarm ringing
  • You can’t cheat with this alarm clock!! If you try to shake the phone to trick the phone into thinking that you are walking, it will give you a penalty. So, be honest with this alarm clock, and get up from your bed and start walking! It is voice assisted (for phones which support TTS services). See the screenshot below to see the penalty message!Penalty!

To make things better, you can disable the snooze button for the alarm in alarm settings, and you are left with no option, but to walk!

What I like about this app?

  • It’s free.
  • Looks like stock Alarm clock because of the Holo themed interface.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • The Pedometer feature is simply amazing, and  breathtakingly accurate.
  • The alarm clock interacts with you as well (only on phones which support TTS- Text To Speech Service)

What I don’t like about this app?

  • I’m not really comfortable with the permissions that it asks for during the time of installation.

The Verdict?

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock  is simply an amazing alarm clock with Pedometer feature that really makes it a mind blowing app. A lot of hard work has been put in during the development of this app, and it really shows! It goes light on system memory, and stands out from the hordes of other alarm clock apps, because it makes sure that you are actually awake!

I am definitely going to use this app instead of my default alarm clock app from now on!

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Supports: Android 2.2 and above

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