Duckie Deck: Free Learning Preschool Games For Kids Chrome App

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Duckie Deck is a free fun app for Chrome that comprises of over 100 learning preschool games for kids. It is designed basically for children aged between 2-5 and serves beneficial as it helps in teaching kids the importance of emotion and other moral life values. Colorful character and fabulous kiddy sound effects keeps the tiny tots engaged and help them understand the importance of friendship, caring, sharing, respect and other social skills.

Duckie Deck is created with the help of kids, parents and psychologists, in order to teach kids the importance of health and hygiene, sharing, counting, basic geometric figures, and more. It helps children in explaining a number of life lessons and at the same time it helps in developing multiple thinking skills which is necessary for child’s upbringing. If incase you wish to avail some other advanced level games then you can opt for Duckie Deck 40 new premium games for 2 weeks of unlimited access, this is a paid facility.

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Duckie Deck can be grabbed from the link provided to you at the end of the article. You just need to click on “Add To Chrome” and launch this app in your Chrome browser. You can proceed to play the unlimited and interactive games just by clicking on the “Duckie Deck Icon”, it soon redirects you to the Duckie Deck page. There it provides you numerous number of games, and you need to simply scroll over the icon in order to view the name of each game, then click to play. Some of the games that we’ve played are mentioned below.

Fun Learning Preschool Games For kids:

Friendly Games-Goodies:

Duckie Deck Friendly Games-Goodies

In this game, There are four tiny toddlers sitting on the table and waiting for something special called Goodies. Then automatically, it generates goodies that are loved by kids like; chocolate, fruits, cakes, etc. As you click on it, it divides into four equal parts and you have to serve each piece in the plates one by one. When you serve equally to all, everyone becomes happy and eats the distributed piece with joy. Incase, you show partiality while distributing goodies, none of the kids will be able to enjoy goodies until you offer each equally. This game teachs you the importance of sharing and lets you understand that an equal share can bring smiles on the cute little faces of tiny kids.

While playing the game you can choose the “i” icon located within each game to view the details about the game’s content, playing directions, and to view similar games. You can opt to scroll page down to view these details. You can switch to other games just by clicking on the “Arrow” provided to you at the bottom left corner of the screen. Incase you didn’t like the game you can use the back arrow to return to the main page. The audio button enables you to manage the sound.

Dentist Games:

Duckie Deck Dentist Games

Dentist Games allows kids to develop the quality of dentist within themselves. This game teaches what exactly the dentists do when we have cavity in our teeth. It provides a driller, a filler and some filling material. You need to drill and clean the cavity of the tooth with the help of the driller and using the filler you need to fill the material in the empty space. You need to perform this action until all the cavities are being removed and filled by the material. Once you are done with the filling procedure the face smiles and shows you the happiness of being relieved. While playing this game the child will use the sense of sight and recognize the similar tools when visiting dentists. They also help in teaching kids that how exactly the mechanics work.

Color Matching-Crayons:

Duckie Deck Color Matching-Crayons

Color Matching-Crayons game offers various scattered crayons and you need to arrange them all in the space provided with their respective matching colors. The purpose of the game is to match the crayons and organize them into their correct position. Children are often messy, this game will teach your child the concept of discipline and importance of cleanliness and at the same time they will build the ability to recognize the colors.

Piggy Banks For Kids:

Duckie Deck Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks are often provided to almost all the kids to understand the concept of saving money. This game offers a piggy bank and as you click your mouse the money gets saved and size of the piggy bank increases gradually. When the piggy bank gets filled by the money, a hammer shows up automatically and breaks the piggy bank. The money then spills out and a new item of play is generated. This game helps in developing the talent of saving money and utilizing the same for a better requirement.

We have provided the review of some games that we’ve come across. You can grab this free fun learning preschool games for kids and explore other games provided by Duckie Deck.

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My Verdict For Duckie Deck:

The learning preschool games offered by Duckie Deck is indeed one of the best choice of game that we can provide our kids, each game aims to teach the concept of sharing, cleanliness, hygiene, discipline and much more. If you wish to have some other advanced level learning preschool games then you can opt for Duckie Deck 40 new premium games for 2 weeks of unlimited access, this is a paid facility.

Duckie Deck focus on social skills and overall development of children, so just grab Duckie Deck fun learning preschool games for kids from here!

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