Educational App for Kids To Teach Directions, Weather, ABC, Paint, SMS

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Phone4Kids is a new educational app for kids which can be used on iPhone, iPod or iPad. This app is not only for fun; but also a learning app for kids. When you open this app you will immediately realize that this app is made only for kids. The interface is also very kid friendly.

In this educational app for kids, you can see the train running on the screen and a rhyme music as the background music along with Do Re Me notes on the bottom of the homepage. Some of the features of this app are free, while others can be added via in-app purchases. Let’s go through the free features that this app for kids offers.

phone4kids-home page- educational app for kids


This app has 30 games and features. Out of those, 9 are unlocked and can be played for free. To unlock others,  you need to make in-app purchases.

The games on this app are laid out across different pages. There are 6 pages overall (they are represented by stars, that you can see in screenshot above). The free games are present on first and second page of the app.

The ones that are free are quite good actually, and kids can learn a lot while playing those games in this app. Out of those 9 free games, 3 are meant for education, while remaining 6 are for fun.

We have covered many apps for kids for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Most of them provide one particular game. But what sets Phone4Kids apart is that it provides many games in the same app. So, just install one app, and you can teach multiple things to your kid.

Free Educational Games for Kids in Phone4Kids:

Weather for Kids: The first game in this educational app for kids is Weather game. This game shows different weathers with pictures  and music, and it also pronounces the name of the weather. This will help the kids learn name of the weathers and their actual pronunciation. This game not just musical but also interactive; when you tap on the screen you will see some effects on the screen. Like, if you touch screen when it shows summer weather, it will start showing butterflies, and winter will show snow flakes.

phone4kids-weather game-educational app for kids

Teach ABC to Kids: Here the 2nd game you can see is about learning ABC. When you or  the kid will tap the key or any alphabet, the app will pronounce the alphabet. This app shows beautiful graphics which are made specially for kids. When you tap the alphabet, it shows lot of colors flying on the screen. The faster you tap, more and different colors will fly. And pronunciation will help kids learn how to pronounce the alphabets.

phone4kids-ABC-educational app for kids

Teach Directions to Kids: The third game is about directions. When you touch the screen it pronounces the name of the direction. Again the colors will fly when you touch the screen and with the clear pronunciation the kid can easily learn the name of different directions.

phone4kids-directions-educational app for kids

Fun Games for Kids:

In addition to educational games mentioned above, there are 6 fun games as well included in this educational app for kids.

The Dial Game: This app has a dial game as well. Basically, when you dial any number and press call button, the app rings and answers “hello”. It has two different screen designs. When you tap on Phone4Kids icon on the bottom left, it swaps the two screens. Screen 1 is normal dialer, but on screen 2 when you tap on keys and screen you will see some some special sound effects. Kids will surely like this. Here is a screenshot of screen 1 and screen 2  :


The Paint Game: Here is a Paint game with 8 basic colors. When you touch them the app speaks the name of the color and allows you to draw anything on the screen. When you draw, it will show you some flying color effects and other beautiful effects.

phone4kids-paint-educational app for kids

The SMS Game: This app also has a SMS game. Here when you type messages, it shows them in thread view. When you press any key, flying color effects will be seen. Here is a screenshot:

phone4kids-sms game-educational app for kids

Apply Theme:  When you tap on Phone4Kids icon on page 1, this app will switch from normal theme to  Christmas theme. here you will see Santa in place of the train and the snow fall. Icons on all pages will be covered with snow. Here is a screenshot of the page 1 with Christmas theme applied.

phone4kids-Santa theme-educational app for kids

The Musical Fun Game: Here the second game is a Music game. Here you will see many musical instruments like guitar, bells, piano etc. Touch to activate and deactivate them.

phone4kids-music-educational app for kids

The Virtual Key Game: The last game is The Keys. It is a virtual key game. When you shake the phone or touch the screen the keys shake.

phone4kids-keys-educational app for kids

Features Of Educational App For Kids:

  • Easy to use.
  • In-built Musical and colorful effects made specially for kids.
  • Nice graphics and UI made for kids.
  • Colorful effects and transitions.
  • Learn while play games.
  • SMS and Dial game.
  • Play with colors in Paint game.
  • Can change theme to Santa theme.
  • Sing with the Do Re Me notes.

The Final Note:

This is a very nice educational apps for kids and very helpful to the parents as with the help of this game you can help your children to learn while playing.

It has many nice games for fun and education. It has 30 games and features but only 9 of them are free. I really hope some more games were included for free.

Get Phone4Kids Here.

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