5 Free iPhone Apps For Kids

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Here are 5 Free iPhone apps for Kids . Your child will never tire up running these games over iPhone. These are specially designed for kids and are fun to play. Lets look at each of these iPhone apps for kids in detail.

Talking Tom Cat:

iPhone Apps For Kids

Talking Tom Cat is an excellent funny game for kids on iPhone. This one is one of the most popular iPhone Apps for kids. As the app runs, a friendly looking cat pings up on the screen, waiting for our moves. The cat reacts to your every step. When you talk to Tom, Tom repeats it in his own funny voice. This is the reason why some people call this app as “Copy Cat”. The graphics of Tom reminds me of the popular TV show Tom & Jerry. You pound Tom on the head, he falls on the ground. A lot of different moves and tricks can be performed on Tom.

Tom can drink milk and even scratch the phone screen with his sharp nails. And if you do not disturb Tom for a while, he starts being sleepy. You can also record videos of Tom by simply clicking on the video button in top left corner of the screen. This little funny app will keep your kid entertained all of the time.


iPhone Apps For Kids 1

Chicktionary Lite is an addictive vocabulary improving games for school children. Unlike other vocabulary apps, this iPhone app for kids offers a good graphical interface. There are seven hens in the game. Each hen holds one letter. And our task is to tap on the random letters and make a dictionary word from them. Each puzzle holds at least 30 unique words. Medal are given in form of colored ribbons – 8 words for white ribbon, 13 words for red ribbon and 19 words for blue ribbon.

Chicktionary Lite also offers two types of modes. One is Speed Play mode in which you have to find the maximum number of words in 2 minutes time. And the another one is Long Play traditional style mode. In the long play mode, you have to set a goal for 2 minutes and after that there is free time to explore the words out of these seven letters. Chicktionary Lite is a good educational iPhone app that will help the child master the English language with fun.

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Tap Zoo:

iPhone Apps For Kids 2

Tap Zoo is a game for pet loving children. And almost every child loves pet animals and zoo, so loving this game is also obvious. At the start of this iPhone app for kids, you will get a single animal zoo on an isolated island. Our mission is to develop an eyebrow-raising top-notch safari park from this zoo. There are 50+ different animal species in the game. You can build sidewalk, rivers, restaurants and other spots of attraction to attract more traffic towards your zoo.

Marching forward in the game will unlock new animals. Watch animals breeding and growing. As a fun, animals can also be cross-breed to produce new king of bonus animal like dragons and dinosaurs. Overall, this game is time-consuming and will keep you kid busy and entertained.

Touch Physics Lite:

iPhone Apps For Kids 3

Your little Einstein will learn a lot about laws and rules of real-world Physics from Touch Physics Lite iPhone app for kids. This free iPhone app for kids is the free version of famous over-rated Touch Physics app. Free version has 10 levels, while there is total of 50 level in the original game.

The objective of this iPhone app for kids is to get the blue circle ball to the yellow star. You have to design a full path or projection from point A to B and then run that design successfully to the level completed.

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Sky Burger:

iPhone Apps For Kids 4

Sky Burger is a great time killing game on iPhone. This iPhone app for kids is very much alike the stacking Scoops game. This iPhone app has a money-making game in which you have to make an ordered burger. The less you will include unwanted ingredients in the burger, the more will be your tip. As the business grows, the burger stack goes higher and higher in the sky. You can build an unlimited length burger stack that can reach the moon.

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