Chrome Ruler Extension to Measure Width, Height of Elements on Webpage

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MeasureIt is a free Chrome ruler extension that lets you measure width and height of any element on any web page. It lets you draw a virtual rectangle on a web page to measure dimensions of any element of that, and then shows dimensions of that rectangle in real time.

This ruler extension for Chrome is especially useful for designers and developers who are keen about knowing dimensions of various elements on any website.


In the screenshot above, I have drawn a rectangle around logo of my website, and dimensions of that are being displayed on the right side.

How to Measure Dimensions of Webpage Elements with MeasureIt Chrome extension:

MeasureIt is quite easy to use. Once you install this extension, you will notice a new icon of a ruler next to Chrome’s address bar. See screenshot below:

MeasureIt Chrome Icon

To measure width and height of any element on a webpage, just click on the icon of this extension to Activate it. Doing so will turn your mouse cursor into cross-hairs. Just go to any element that you want to measure. Then, left click to start drawing a virtual rectangle over the element. As you draw the rectangle, you will notice dimensions of that rectangle being displayed in real time on top right corner of the rectangle (as seen in first screenshot). Just keep drawing the rectangle till it covers the entire element, and then note down the coordinates that are displayed.

Once you are done, just click on the icon of this ruler extension again to get back to your normal browsing.

As you can see, the process of using MeasureIt is quite easy. However, I found this extension too basic in nature. To get size of any element, you need to draw a rectangle around it. It is not possible to directly select an element via using some arrow or something similar. Neither it has an option to see sizes of multiple elements together.

Also, a known issue with this extension is that it requires you to restart Google Chrome before using it for the first time.

Also check out other on screen ruler software. Did you know you could find ring size online?


If you are looking for a basic Chrome extension which you can use to measure any part of webpage, then MeasureIt provides a good basic solution. More features could have definitely been added to it to further improve the functionality.

Download MeasureIt Chrome Extension

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