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Find My Ring Size is a unique website that lets you find ring size online. You can accurately determine ring size by using this service. Nothing to download or register; just go to, and get answer to the famous question: “What is my ring size?”.

This free website to find ring size online makes it quite intuitive to find your ring size, and it is intelligently made so that the results are accurate. One of the biggest problems with such services to find ring size online is that how to fit the ruler to the size of the screen. This website addresses that in a very smart way. It first asks you to place your credit card on the monitor, and then mark size of that with this website. This ensures that this website is able to determine accurately your screen size, resolution etc. After that, it uses that information to display rulers /ring sizes, from which you can determine your ring size. Quite Smart!

Here is How to Find Ring Size Online:

  1. Go to
  2. The website will ask you to place your credit card on screen in the box that it provides. Once you do that, you need to adjust lines of the box to match edges of the card.FindMyRingSize_Place_Card_On_Screen
  3. After that, click on Next, and it shows you various rings. You need to take off your existing ring that you are wearing, and place it on the rings displayed on the screen. You need to find the biggest circle that fits inside your ring completely. That is your ring size.


It can show ring sizes from various scales. Supported ones are U.S. Sizes, U.K. Sizes, and Japan Sizes.

How to Find Ring Size Online if you don’t have a Ring?

  1. In case you don’t have a ring, then it provides another option as well. Click on the option of “Switch to the Virtual Ruler”.
  2. This will show you a ruler on the screen. Now, take a paper strip, and wrap it at bottom of your finger. Mark the paper where it completes the circle around the finger. Then place that strip on the ruler displayed on the screen. By this, you’ll be able to accurately determine your ring size.


Note: This virtual ruler is better than other screen ruler software, as it is calibrated to your display.

That’s it. So, now you’ll be able to finally find answer to the question “What is my ring size?” :)

Go ahead and try it out.

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