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The Godfather: Five Families is a free online strategy game based on the movie Godfather. Be a member of one of the five families, gain respect, and become the don.

This strategy game is based on the famous movie series The Godfather. There is no action involved in this game but you will be managing constructions, crews, researches, etc. You don’t need to download or install anything for playing this game. The game is little time taking but addictive.

strategy game godfather screen

Details of this Online Strategy Game:

This online strategy game is a piece of cake for all kind of gamers. You just need to login to the website and make username and start playing. Only thing which needs to be installed is the Flash player; nothing else to download.

As soon as you start the game, you will be asked to choose from one of the five families: Corleone, Tattaglia, Stracci, Barzini, and Cuneo. Then you choose a male or female character and start playing. You have to build restaurants, hide outs, steel factories, apartments, and cement factories in empty plots to boost up your points. It’s like an online race to score more points and rank high. You can create your own crew or join other crews to fight with others and takeover their resources. You have to gain respect points by defeating other players or by taking over cityscapes. Gain experience points by upgrading buildings and training units. This gameplay is similar to the famous Facebook game “Cityville”.

strategy game godfather

Features of this Game:

There are many features in this game:

  • Everyday when you login you will be asked to pick a card. In those cards you may get speeding up options for construction or training or researching etc.
  • You just need to collect money from main street station and Fleming theater. When you build restaurants, steel factory, and cement factory the resources count also increases with time.
  • There’s a chat option available on bottom left to chat with other players who are online.
  • The bottom center has three icons. Click on the first one to open your estate, second one for your Neighborhood, and third one for city. The small icons below them represent the other lands that you own.

    godfather icons

  • The bottom right icons show: file, store, training, research, mails, and crew. The file options show: jobs to be done, cityscapes acquired, rankings, and tournaments. In store you can buy or see what all resources are available in your inventory. In training you can train units, see the details, and defense units available. In research option you can research on various topics to increase the speed of food resources, attacking, steel production, food production, money, etc. In mails you can see the mails of attack status.

    godfather store

  • The top left shows the level which you are in, respect points, boosts, protection status, and combat status.

godfather corleone

Just follow the File option to perform the next job and gain points. Train enough units and keep some in the estate for protection and send others for attacking. Upgrade and research for more protection.

The graphics are good and music effects are also nice. Sometimes you may get bored between gameplay because you can upgrade or research or train only one at a time. This game is time taking but still addictive. If you want to play good online action game then try: Moon breakers and Boss Rush.

Click here to Play The Godfather.

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