5 Free Websites To Learn To Play Drums Online

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If you are an aspiring drum player who wants to learn the basics of playing drums, then all you have to do is type these words on internet and start learning. There are lots of websites  available that teach you everything from how to set up your drums to various styles that can be played on drums. I have compiled a list of 5 such free websites to learn to play drums online.

The 5 free websites to leant to play drums online are Drum Lessons, icanplaydrums, Free Drum Lessons, justindrums, and DrumChannel. 

And once you have mastered the art of playing drums using these websites, you can practice drums using these software, Android apps, iPhone apps, or even Windows 8 apps.

learn to play drums online

Drum Lessons:

Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons is the first website that you can visit to learn to play drums online for free. There are lots of drum lessons that have been divided into various different categories. If you are a beginner, you can begin by learning all the basic lessons available in the Beginner category and then move forward. Apart from these basic lessons, there are some fundamental lessons for everyone and lessons on various styles and technique like Single Stroke Roll, Single Paradiddle, and many more. Most of these lessons are video lessons wherein you can watch and learn from the experts.

Try it out here.



icanplaydrums is the another meaningful website that you can visit to learn to play drums online. The website claims to have the largest repository of video lessons on drumming ( Around 250) and I can safely say that it does not disappoint. The fact that all these lessons are in HD only helps you more. You have to register for a free account after which you will receive a mail that will guide you to the members sections. Herein, you will find all the free drum video lessons on various styles and techniques of drumming.

Try it out here.

Free Drum Lessons:

Free Drum Lessons

Like the above mentioned websites, Free Drum Lessons is another useful resource to learn the art of drums for free. You get to learn from a lot of video lessons that cover various aspects of playing drums. You can get lessons on Rock Drum, Jazz Drum, Latin Drum, and more on this website. Apart from these lessons, the website also offers free series that you can subscribe to. There are free series running on the website that teach you different things. Each of these series contain 5 videos, some downloadable play sheets, and you can sign up for free to be a part of them.

Try it out here.



A one line description of justindrums would be- ” this is one of the few websites that provides you with both video and written lessons to learn to play drums”. Below every video lesson, you will find a nicely written description of the techniques taught in that particular video. The lessons are divided into categories and each of them is well described. For beginners, you can go through various lessons provided by the website in a systematic order. This order is set according to the pattern that you should follow in order to learn to play drums.

Try it out here.



I would like to conclude this list on websites to learn to play drum online by mentioning DrumChannel to you. There are four different tabs on the website of which I would like to describe two here. One of them is “Lessons”. This tab contains all the lessons that you can watch and learn. They are further divided into sub categories and you can pick according to what you want to learn. The second tab is “Shows”. This includes videos of live sessions by different drummers available on the website.

Try it out here.

Try out all these websites and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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