Free Online OCR: Convert Scanned Images into Editable Text

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Free Online OCR is an online OCR service that allows you to easily convert scanned documents, faxes, screenshots and photos into editable and searchable text, supporting a host of output formats such as DOC, PDF, RTF, TXT. The online OCR service is completely free and you need not register or install anything on your computer. Just select an image file and click Convert. You may also download the resulting document immediately.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that extracts the text from an image or a scanned document so that it can be edited, formatted, searched, indexed, automatically translated or converted to speech. OCR can also be used to convert books and documents into electronic format and to automate various business processes.

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Features of Online OCR:

  • Accurate OCR: Free Online OCR can be used to convert paper documents or images into editable and searchable files. The major advantage here is that we can get high recognition accuracy even with low quality documents such as faxes and screenshots.
  • Multiple Input Formats: Online OCR can handle images in any of the popular image file formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF and PNG. It can also process PDF files.
  • Multiple Output Formats: The online OCR software can save results in any of the most widely used file formats such as DOC, PDF, RTF and TXT.

  • Supports Scanned PDF Files: PDF files often contain an image of a scanned document, making it impossible to search the file or index its content. Free Online OCR will extract the image from a PDF; convert it to text and save the result in searchable PDF, DOC, RTF or TXT.

  • Keeps the Layout and Formatting: The original layout and formatting of the processed documents, including images, bullets, fonts, styles and sizes is kept as it is in the output formats.

  • Built-in Dictionary: Free Online OCR features an integrated dictionary that increases the accuracy of text recognition.

  • Auto-rotate Images: The Online OCR service will automatically detect such pages and preprocess them to straighten them before the OCR process so that even if there is any sort of rotation in the scanning there is no difficulty to process.

  • Creates Searchable PDFs: The original image is preserved as an image layer in the PDF where the text information is inserted in a separate invisible layer, making it possible for you to search and index the file.

Free Online OCR is designed to convert only digital or typewritten text. Processing documents that contain handwriting do not usually process satisfactory results. Some other OCR software we reviewed earlier include i2OCR, Free OCR, and Online OCR.

No personal details are required for the conversion. Your documents are automatically deleted after the conversion and are not provided to third parties post conversion.

How to Use Online OCR:

  1. “Select your Image or PDF file” through the “Browse” button.
  2. “Select your output format” through the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on “Convert”.

The converted output file may then be downloaded using the “download” button and the converted file may be edited as simple text.

The free online OCR is available here.

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