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GTalk to VoIP is a free and open voice gateway for Gtalk, Yahoo and MSN messenger. Voice services between Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and even SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) phones is possible without any additional software installation.

Initially the service was available for only Gtalk hence the name. No registration is required and you just need to submit your user id (Gmail account name) to GTalk2VoIP voice gateway either by inviting the user [email protected] to your friend list, or by submitting your user id here. For Yahoo Messenger users you should add the following contact [email protected]. Creating of and joining of any user is possible (people not using these services as well) by issuing of cookies to room master.

Gtalk to VOIP

Features of GTalk to VOIP:

  • Free Incoming Calls from PSTN on GTalk : Using SIP Broker service, you can call Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger users from PSTN like mobile or landline phones.
  • Free Outgoing calls to SIP Phones from GTalk: Free of charge service available for all Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger users, allowing calls to be made to any SIP compliant phone, gateway or device.
  • Free Incoming Calls from SIP Network:
    • The Service allows to receive incoming SIP calls from any SIP compliant phone, gateway or device, free of charge.
    • The service also allows for you to accept calls from Gizmo Project users.
    • You can obtain phone numbers (DIDs) from groovytel.com, ipkall.com, virtualphoneline.com or didww.com and tie them up to your voice capable instant messenger using this service.
    • Redirecting of incoming SIP calls to your mobile, landline or SIP phone with Follow-Me feature and never miss a call.
  • Free Internet Broadcasting Services
  • Voice Mail Service for GTalk:
    • Voice mail is a free voice service for IM users, accessible via a simple command-based interface
    • Voie mail messages can be sent between your IM clients like Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.
    • Voice mail messages can be sent to the users who are offline.
    • When a user signs in to his/her instant messenger, he/she gets notified for unread conversations.
    • Voice mail messages limits are set to 120 seconds.
    • No limit on the number of messages sent or stored.
  • Video Conferencing service :
    • Users can create one or more conference rooms and invite their friends to join the conference.
    • Users associated with different IM’s are allowed to join into the conference.
    • Each time a new conference room is created a cookie (text string of 16 characters) is sent back to the creator
    • Anybody can join any conference room once he gets the cookie associated with it.
    • Outgoing telephone calls can be made to join people outside of a conference room by a room master.
  • Free Offline Messaging :
  • Free Instant Messaging Interoperability :
    • Send IM messages easily and anytime between SIP/SIMPLE, Jabber/Google Talk and MSN/Live Messenger.
    • Just add a contact. No additional software, no subscription or registration required.
  • GTalk to Voip for your domain:
    • For users using Google Talk and Gmail on their own domain, GTalk to VOIP can offer to use their gateway to receive SIP calls directly to the Google Talk.
    • The service allows you to receive your customer’s phone calls direct from your web site or home page.
    • No need to buy costly hardware or sophisticated software’s, just sign in to your Google Talk and subscribe to the service.

Also check out GBridge, and Gmail Video Chat plugin.

How to call Google Talk / Yahoo or MSN messenger users using SIP:

The following is the template for reaching users of different IM’s

For  a complete list of templates for all other IM service providing clients and registering yourself for GTalk to Voip services or any other queries visit here.

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