Flash Tweet: A free Twitter tool to mass follow and mass unfollow

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Update: Flash Tweet is not free any more. However, we found another great (and actually better) software for Mass Follow and Unfollow. Check out “Buzzom“.

Flash Tweet is a nice free tool to mass follow and unfollow Twitter followers. Here are basic functionalities provided by this free tool:


1. Mass Follow:

In mass follow, you can follow upto 100 people in one go. To start following, you can either specify some other Twitter user whose followers you want to follow (like, if you want to follow my followers, you would enter “ilovefreesw” in this tool). Then, this software would show you all the followers of that person, and you can choose 100 follwers together to follow in one go. On the same lines, you can even enter a search phrase to get Twitter followers for that search phrase, and follow those.

2. Following Only:

In this mode, this free Twitter tool shows all the people that you are following, but they are not following you. In this way, you can choose to mass unfollow such people.

3. Followers Only:

This mode shows all the people who are following you, but you are not following them back. You can choose to mass follow such people.

4. Mutual Friends:

This mode shows you all those people that you are following, as well as they are following you. I find this especially useful to find how many of my followers I am following as well. Again, you can mass unfollow people that you no longer want to follow.

5. Show All:

This mode shows all the people, whom you are following and the ones that are following you.

I am a big fan of this application, and use it regularly. I really like the fact that it is very simple to use, with everything being managed on one screen, and it does not requires any registration at all. You directly login with your Twitter username and password to use this free tool.

You can try it out Flash Tweet here.

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