5 SMS Scheduler Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 SMS scheduler apps for Android which you can use to send text messages at scheduled times. There’s probably no need for us to list all the situations where scheduling text messages might come in handy, but we’ll do it anyway. SMS scheduler apps can be used so that you don’t forget to send messages for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, important meeting notifications, or you could just schedule messages when you need to send a lot of them, like for example during marketing campaigns.

Let’s see how these SMS scheduler apps work exactly.

Fake & Real SMS Scheduler

sms scheduler apps android 1

The very first app that we came across isn’t just a SMS Scheduler, but it’s also a fake SMS creator. We’re interested in scheduling real text messages so we’re gonna stick with that.

To schedule a text message, you’re gonna have to select the Create Message option from the main menu. Type in the contact number, message and select “Send Later” from the bottom right corner. Once you’ve done that calendar will pop-up where you can select time and date when the message is gonna be sent.

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Aapi SMS Scheduler

sms scheduler apps android 2

The very first thing that you’re gonna see when running Aapi is a message telling you that there are no scheduled messages. Click on the Add button leads you to the SMS Scheduler wizard, last steps of which can be seen on the image above.

Aapi lets you setup repeat SMS blasts on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so that you don’t have to schedule message over and over again, during marketing campaigns for example. You can also create and quickly insert SMS templates when scheduling messages.

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Message Scheduler

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Message Scheduler has one of the easiest setups for scheduling messages. Messages are scheduled by clicking on the Schedule Message button from the main menu.

Group messaging is of course supported. Entire swaths of contacts can be messaged at once. Another thing that’s available is voice messaging, not in the classic sense though. To be more precise, what’s available are voice controls, where you can setup a text message using voice commands.

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sms scheduler apps android 4

GO SMS Pro isn’t your classic SMS scheduler, it’s actually a full-fledged SMS client, that’s used by millions of people from around the world.

Among a whole heap of features, one that stands out is SMS scheduling, notice the Scheduled directory on the image above? Once you open up that folder, by clicking on Add button in top right corner you’ll be able to setup scheduled SMS messages, similarly to how all the other apps have done it up until now. Advantage of GO SMS Pro is that you can also use it to manage your standard text messaging, not just scheduled messages.

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SMS Scheduler


sms scheduler app

Last SMS Scheduler that we’re gonna mention is called SMS Scheduler.

Multiple receipents can be setup, message blasts can be repeated in intervals (hourly, daily, weekly), history tracking is available and much more. You can actually read more about how SMS Scheduler work over here.

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SMS Scheduler and Message Scheduler are apps that you should try first, if you’re looking for a SMS scheduler app for your Android device. Like always leave comments with opinions and suggestions down below.

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