Realm Of The Mad God: Free Online Massively Multiplayer Game

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Realm Of The Mad God is a small fantasy-based online Massively Multiplayer Role Playing, free to play game for PC. The player (role-playing as a wizard) shoots the beasts and monsters.

Personally, diving into a multiplayer online game is an exhausting thing to do, but this full on fantasy game with utterly simple interface had me chained to my PC for the entire day. All you are required to do here is log on to the homepage of the game (provided at the end of the review), sign up with the game for free, and start playing with other players online. Within minutes you find yourself slaying beasts across the online realm, along with your fellow online warriors.

Realm Of the Mad God Game Window

GamePlay of Realm of the Mad God:

You (and the other thousands of players online) have been summoned by this mad god “Oryx” to be served as a  dinner for his famished servants. But as you arrive there, you have certain action plans that includes slaying of the beasts and gathering loot and growing strong.

Surviving the game by throwing Arrow like projectiles while dodging the incoming arrows defines the classic arcade style of gaming. You need to slay a lot of of beasts and monsters goblin, wizards dragons and many other ghostly creatures to reach the Oryx.

The game is very straight forward, kill, pickup is all you have to do. The character continues to strengthen as you move up in the level. The game is exciting in all its levels, even if you fail to kill the Oryx, you have a lot to enjoy on your adventurous journey.

Realm Of The Mad God has 13 different creatures, each appearing at different levels. You are required to kill them all, and reach Oryx to kill him. You start off in the game as a classic wizard who shoots projectiles and loots stuffs. Each level has its own magic, weapons, and other crazy perks which add to the excitement of the game. Find the beasts’s den, enter and slay them and other deadly creatures.

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How To Play Realm Of The Mad God

Log on with the link provided at the end of the review.

Step 1: The fist window provides you with the option to log in or play the game as a guest player. You can click the account option to start the sign up process or simply click the Play button to start off with the game.

Realm Of the Mad God- Account, log in

Step 2: The game starts within seconds after you click on the “Play” button. Just navigate your player with the four keys and shoot with the left click.

Realm Of the Mad God Enter the beast mode

Look for the beast’s den (a maximum of 85 players can enter each den at a time), reach there and just click the “ENTER” option on your screen. Slay the beasts and pick up the potions that they drop off. You can exit the den anytime by pressing the “R” key on your keyboard or the home logo appearing on the right side of the screen.

Realm Of The Mad god game Options

The beasts appear at each level by the names like: Ent God, Leviathan, Djinn, Flying Brain, Ghost God, White Demon etc. You will be able to see their name bubbled up on them and their dens.

Step 3: Pick up the potions and stuff that appear on the screen (just move the player over the stuff to pick it).

You can click the small setting logo appearing on the screen and look for the game control keys (but you can not change the game control).

That’s all to the game, dodge the arrows and shoot the beasts to develop you character. An easy to play straight-forward move, shoot, and pick-up game.

Game Control

The Game Control as I already said is quite easy and intuitive. You navigate your player with four keys and shoot with a left click of the mouse.

Realm Of The Mad Of The Mad God Game Control

  • W-Move forward
  • S-Move Backwards
  • A-Move Left
  • D-Move Right
  • I- Auto-fire Toggle
  • Left-Click– Shoot
  • Space Bar– Special Ability

Just aim the direction of the arrow with your mouse, then left-click to shoot the projectiles. You move around in the game, aim at the monsters with your mouse, and shoot them with the left click.

If you die in the game, then you die permanently, but you also loose your character and all the character’s strength. You start your game with a new character and thus need to strengthen your character again . The risk of loosing your entire character is what makes you work with other online players and camouflage yourself behind them.

Apart from all this, you can also chat in the game with other players online. Whatever you type in the chat box bubbles up from your character on the screen. It requires a free sign up process to enjoy this chat feature of the game.

My Verdict

I would summon up the entire game as a perfect game for the people who love the idea of raiding, but can not invest all their time in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Game) . It’s a mix of various indie games,but a mixture well served. Therefore I rate the game as “Very Good” and would ask you to get a hand on it.

Play free realm Of The Mad God Here. You can read more about this game and its online characters here.

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