Halotea: Free Audio software To Play Built-in Audio Themes And Songs

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Halotea Free is a free audio software designed for all those who have highly stressful jobs or are in some other way under stress without the possibility to relax. This free audio software comes packed with dozens of different relaxing audio themes which you can use during meditation, when you are at work in order to increase focus and so on. Audio player is also available, with a very large number of formats being supported.

Halotea free audio software default window

In the image above, we can see the default interface of this free audio software. At the top there are two tabs available. The one called Environment is where you will see a list of relaxing audio tracks in the left sidebar. They are called themes. Each theme consist of several sounds, an example combo would be wind, rain, bird chirping, and so on. With the help of Presets you can adjust which of those sounds are gonna be played in a certain theme. All the way at the bottom we have the controls menu, and on the right playlist where audio tracks loaded for the Audio Player tab can be seen.

Key Features of Halotea Free Audio Software:

  • Free and simple to use audio software.
  • Over 20 different relaxing audio tracks are available to choose from.
  • Audio for sleep, relaxation, rain falling, meditation, forest, etc.
  • Audio tracks or themes as they are called can be edited while playing.
  • Comes with a built-in audio player so you can listen to music also.
  • Supported formats are MP3, WMA, WAV, WAVE, FLAG, OGG, and all the rest.
  • Playlist management, load your music in playlists and listen to them.
  • Equalizer is available for adjusting song pitch as it’s being played.

Modern way of life is creating large amounts of stress on people, and majority of us are suffering by either not being able to sleep very well, having poor productivity at work and/or headaches among other things. Relaxing music and sounds have been known to affect the brain and help you relax and relieve stress. Here are few tips on how you can do that with Halotea.

How to Play Relaxing Audio and Help Yourself Relieve Stress with Halotea Free?

Start by clicking on a theme that sounds the most interesting to you, from the list in the Theme sidebar on the left.

Halotea Free relaxation sounds

Once you do that all the sound components of that theme will appear in the Presets window to the right. Depending on the theme, you should see names like ambient noise, rain, chirping, woods, and so on. By clicking on the pause button which is available next to each sound you can stop it.

Halotea Free music player

You can also import you music and play it. Audio player is very modern looking, with lots of options. Playlists can be imported or exported if you want.


Next to the free version of Halotea, there are also paid ones where you can import additional themes, presets, and record audio. But the free version offers more than enough, so make sure to give it a try. Check out Qmmp, Quod Libet, and CrystalWolf reviewed by us.

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