Quod Libet: Free Audio Player With Regular Expression Playlists

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Quod Libet is a free audio player which let’s you play audio files, manage audio library, and even let’s you add ID3 tags to your music collection. What makes this free audio player special is the fact that you can use it in order to generate playlists with the help of regular expressions. Pretty much everything else that you’d expect from a modern music player is available, album art display, online radio and podcast streaming, replay gain, and so on.

Quod Libet free audio player default window

Screenshot above shows us interface of Quod Libet. On top of the window we can see that there’s a standard menu, media player controls, album art display, the search tool, etc. With the rest of the window being reserved for the playlist that you can adjust to your liking using normal methods available in Quod Libet.

Key Features of this Free Audio Player:

  • Supported formats include ACC, WAW, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAVE.
  • ID3 tagging and library managing. for all of the supported formats.
  • Online radio streaming is supported, any location can be added.
  • Generate playlists with a search tool, regular expressions supported.
  • Displays album art if it’s available locally.
  • Cross platform support, works on Windows and Linux.

Playlists can be generated with the help of the search tool on a lot both commercial and free music players, but Quod Libet takes it one step further and it allows you to search using regular expressions. Here, are few tips to help you get started.

How to Listen to Music with Quod Libet?

To add your song collection or a radio station you’re gonna have to click on Music from the top menu and there select either Add Folder, File or Location depending on what you want to add. Select folder if you want to add music collection from your computer.

Quod Libet added music

For quick selection of your favorite artists, you can use the People list on the left. Next to it you can find the Album list which can be used to create a playlist based on album selection. You can use Shift and Ctrl to select multiple artists and albums. To use the search tool and regular expressions, simply start typing in the Search input bar at the top.

Quod Libet search tool

As you are typing in the search box, results should pop up right away and the playlist down below should change. You can use people and album filters for fine tuning, and when you locate what you want to listen just double-click and you’re done. In the menu at the top under Filter you have more playlist filtering options so check that out too.


Quod Libet is the perfect audio player for people who have large music collections where finding songs or only equipping albums that they want to listen to is very difficult. Make sure you read up on regular expressions before using it, if you don’t already know what they are. Download Quod Libet free. You may also try TuniacMcool, and Boom Player reviewed by us.

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