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Benny Chat is a free chat server software for Windows which allows you to create your very own chat rooms for exchanging messages with your friends, co-workers or complete strangers via LAN or internet. It comes in two parts, a server application which let’s you setup a chat server on your own computer, and an IM client, which let’s you connect to created chat servers and of course chat rooms that are created on them.

On the image down below you can see the first step of the chat server setup. It’s done inside the command prompt, but everything is automated, you just have to type in yes/no or things like chat server name, which is what we are being asked down below. There’s about a dozen of questions that you’re asked before chat server is up and running.

BennyChat server running
The very last question of the chat server setup asks you if you want to make it public or if you want to keep it private, for use within your local area network only. If you decide to make it public, the address of your chat server will be published on the homepage of this free chat software. That’s how other people will know how to find you.

Key features of Benny Chat are:

  • Free and simple to setup: setup a chat server using a simple wizard
  • Allows you to create your own chat server: via LAN or internet
  • Has both chat server and chat client applications you can use
  • Private chat rooms: allows you to create private chat rooms
  • Gives you full control: users have to register, password protect rooms
  • Works with Windows all versions supported: Silverlight required

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In order to access the homepage of Benny Chat you’re gonna have to have the latest version of Silverlight installed on your system. You don’t even have to setup a chat server. If you’re just interested in chat with other strangers, then you can just access one with the client from the list of public chat servers on the homepage down below.

How to setup your own chat server with Benny Chat: free chat server software for Windows

Open up the homepage of Benny Chat by following the links down below. In the bottom left corner you should be able to find two links, one for server, and another one for the client application.

Benny Chat server list

You can see how the server setup wizard looks like. Depending on what kind of server you’ve setup, local or public, it’s accessed different. Public servers will be published on the website of Benny Chat, active server list can be seen on the image above. Private local area network server will have to be accessed by you giving out address and port of the computer that’s being used as the chat server.

Benny Chat working chat

Once that you click on a server name, Benny Chat client will open up the selected server. Now you just need to start typing and enjoying in chat.


Benny Chat is a very interesting way how you can create chat servers and chat rooms. If you would like to setup your own private chat server, for just you and your friends, this is the tool for you.

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Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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