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Live2support Instant Messenger and Organizer (L2S-IMO) is a free inta-office instant messenger. It is customized from edge to edge to be used in an office environment. It helps you to maintain a workflow in your office environment with easy inter communications through the unique Intra-office messenger. It also comes with organizer features like sticky notes, to-do’s and  event alerts.

The L2S-IMO is the ideal office instant messenger in firms where private and secure messaging is prevalent and needs to be maintained as well as improving internal communications and business productivity. So gone are the days when you used to cluster your physical desktop. Stay connected and organized all the time. Welcome Live2Support instant messenger and organizer.


With Live2Support Instant Messenger and Organizer all member are directly connected (peer-to-peer) with each other, so just install the program and it starts working immediately.

Some of the features of this Free Inter-Office IM Client:

  • One to one Instant messaging for work group (Communicate with your Peers) : With Live2Support Instant Messenger and Organizer, don’t worry about configuration, administration, and server. All members are directly connected (peer-to-peer) with each other and program starts working immediately after installation. In the free version of the software there are some limitations such as connectivity with up to 5 peers, ability to create and send 10 sticky notes and same goes with the reminders creation and sending which has a limit of 50.
  • Group Message: This feature lets you start a chat with more than one member simultaneously. The initiator has an option to choose as many number of chat members as he or she wishes to chat with and send them a single message. When the receivers of this chat message sends out a response, the initiator will be able to view the replies in different chat windows and can then start chatting with the responders independently in full privacy. The various respondents will not have access to each other’s chat messages. As the initiator of the chat interaction, however, you can communicate with all of them. Also check out free group video chat software.
  • L2S-IMO Group chat

  • Sticky Notes : Creating a sticky note and sending it across is just part of the Live2Support’s Intra-office Instant Messenger and Organizer package. Additional features include organizing the stickers, you have created. which is made possible through three easy-to-use options.You can even send a sticky note to your colleagues, as easily as you send email. The note will pop up on his or her desktop as soon as his or her IMO is synchronized. Also check out other free sticky notes software.
  • L2S-IMO Sticky

  • To-Do List : This feature in Live2Support’s Intra-office Messenger helps you to become better organized and increase your business productivity and your overall productivity comprehensively. You can use this option to make summary of tasks to be accomplished within a stipulated time frame, it lets you prioritize these tasks and mark them when they have been completed. Use the Alert feature to alert yourself and your peers regarding an important task at hand. You can also review these reminders, add new tasks to the list, edit the list and delete the task when it has been completed.
  • Event Alerts : Send your peer an alert when you have an important communication. You can send it in the form of a sticky or a chat message. If the recipient is not signed on, your message will be stored in their account and will be displayed once the account is activated through sign-in. You can choose date, time and subject of the alert. You can also specify the time when to send the alert to your peers. Use the Alert feature to alert yourself regarding an important task at hand. You can also review these reminders, add new Alert, edit the list and delete the task when it has been completed.
  • Calendar : The single most significant advantage of using the IMO calendar is that it integrates seamlessly with all the other functions of the IMO in a manner that is both intuitive and user-friendly. You can use the built-in calendar and planner to look up dates, mark events and schedule appointments.

Some other interoffice communication tools we reviewed earlier include Sazneo, and TeamTalk.

How to use L2S-IMO:

Steps for Administrator to Use IMO:

  1. To use IMO, you need to Sign Up. You need to enter a valid email address during sign up process as the login information would be sent to you on same email address.
  2. After sign up, you need to Download application from the website.
  3. IMO is available for windows & MAC, you can download any one whichever is compatible with your operating system. Application can be installed on your system with a double-click on IMO set up. Once it is installed, a shortcut would create on your desktop.
  4. Login to you IMO account with the login information which you receive in email provide by Live2Support IMO team.
  5. After login click on “Tools” option. Select Add/Edit user from drop down list. It will open a new window which shows the list of existing users. Click on “Add New User” button to add new users.
  6. Click on “Add User” button to complete the process.
  7. It will open a new window which contains four fields.
    • Login: In this field, you need to write desired login ID/name that you want to give your group member.Name: In this field, you need to write the name of the person of your group for whom you are generating this ID. It would display in users list.
    • Email: In this field, you need to write the email of the person of your group for whom you are generating this ID.
    • Password: In this field, you need to write a password that for this particular user of your group.
    • Confirm Password: In this field, you need to re-write the password.
  8. You are Ready to use the Imo application. Fill the login information and click on login to start IMO
  9. Add More User to communicate with your Peers

Steps for the User to Login in IMO

  1. Download the Application
  2. Login and enjoy using the application

The Pricing for the full version software is $50 for 5 users per year and unlimited use of the software between them .The free version is able to work with 5 people but with the limitation of creation and sending of only 10 sticky notes and similarly with the creation and sending of reminders and alerts which is limited to 50.

Also Chat Transcript Saved & Access and Closed and Restore Sticky features are not available in the free version.

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